Case Study: ALPS Creation Pte Ltd

ALPS Creation Pte Ltd is the holding company for the Annabel Law Productions brand.

This company is specialized in wedding photography, specifically pre-wedding and actual day wedding shoots.

The other services provided are boudoir photography by female photographer, graduation photography and family photography.

ALP Creation came to us needing help with converting from a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) into a Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd).

LLP was a good choice for a startup business but as businesses grow, there is a need to protect yourself from liability issues and at the same time incorporating for the future.

The main concerns was the growing business with the growth of the team, which also complicates the whole process of accounting for the finances

The other reason was also making sure payments were made and monitored.

The team is currently 7 man (woman actually) and without a proper system in place for chasing of payment, payments could be missed because the number of jobs can be really hard to keep track.

There are a few reasons why this company chose Xero Accounting Software as their leading accounting software choice and also why they decided to use K Cloud Accounting as their choice accounting firm. We will now share a few of this reasons and walk you through how K Cloud Accounting can assist you as an entrepreneur to grow your business and also provide you with insights on how to improve the day to day running of your business.

K Cloud Accounting advised her and her team to make use of Xero to send quotations and invoices through their email system.

Instead of having to generate quotations through an excel spreadsheet and into a pdf format before sending them out to customers, the customer can now receive an email direct from Xero with the quotation presented nicely.

This saves precious time and also reduces possible mistakes since package prices are usually set and the Xero system is able to record packages and issue quotes based off the package the customer chooses.

XERO is also able to remind customers to accept the quotation if customers do not respond within a few days. This keeps the whole quotation and invoicing process very streamlined.

Not forgetting the feature of Xero being online, you could issue quotes and invoices and monitor the business on the go!

We look forward to working with more young entrepreneurs that have problems that will require our help and consultations.

Leaving the tough and tedious parts to us, you as an young entrepreneur can also make time to expand your business and grow your business. We are always keen to assist by the side and helping you achieve your dreams.