10 Reasons why you should use XERO Cloud Accounting in Singapore

10 Reasons why you should use XERO Cloud Accounting in Singapore

10 Reasons why you should use XERO Cloud Accounting in Singapore – There are so many reasons to work on your business to improve efficiency. There are also many reasons to outsource your accounting services in Singapore to a reliable accounting firm.

There are many accounting firms in Singapore that have been around for many years.

Just take KCA, we are a subsidiary of Koh Management Pte Ltd that has been in Singapore for 30 over years and serving hundreds of customers from startups to established businesses.

For most business owners, trying something new is not something that they will like to do. Business world requires consistency and having a change is usually hard to swallow but also necessary for business to keep growing and also becoming more efficient in the long run to fight against competitors.

So we are here to start to share with you Reasons why you should use XERO Cloud Accounting in Singapore.


1. Able to manage accounts 24/7

The fact that Xero Accounting is an online platform.

This allows you to access them at any time!

Whether you are in bed and wanting to make some last minute checks or decisions.

Or you will like to do it while at the bar at 10pm.

You can access it 24/7 because an online platform does not sleep!


2. Able to manage accounts anywhere you are 

The fact that the platform has a mobile application, this makes it awesome for the management of your accounts from anywhere.

You don’t really need to do it from a computer or from your desktop in the office.

You can be at home or at a pub and check how much you have done in terms of revenue for the month.

You could also print reports in PDF from the comfort of your car.

Or why not do it on the beach on your holiday just to make sure everything is going well.


3. Issue quotations or invoices the moment you are done with your appointments

The mobile application is the most convenient thing ever.

So with it, you get to really issue your quotation invoice right after you are done with your appointments.

You will impress your customers by how efficient you are when it comes to getting work done.

This will be great for a sales man that is always on the run!


4. Updates are pushed to you instantly

Bceause it is an online platform, the updates are often coming in every couple of months.

The good thing is, you do not need to download the patch and patch it manually.

Instead the platform does it themselves and when you log in, you didn’t even know that there are updates done.

You will just get to enjoy new features as they are developed and updates.


5. Bank statements are updated automatically

Xero Accounting Software supports bank feed.

Bank feed basically means connecting your Xero Software with your banks information.

The bank will push bank data into XERO every day.

This means you do not need to wait for your bank statements or login into your bank platforms to check what is going on in the bank!

You could also use the bank feed data to save time on bank reconciliation which makes life a lot easier for you or your accountant!


6. You get online support if you’re not sure

The fact that the platform is online, you will be able to get access to support if you need it.

24/7 you can chat with the support to find out what is going on.

Then you can solve it along the way to get your accounting done up on time.


7. Choice of add-ons to improve efficiency

There are many add-ons to make things more efficient.

Do you have a POS machine and need to gain access to it?

Use a POS machine that has an add-on to XERO and you get daily live updates from the many machines around the country!

There are add-ons that help you to save time scanning and keying in your receipts too.


8. You can transit to outsource by transferring account easily

When you are using XERO as a software, you also just need to appoint the accounting services provider through an invitation.

You do not need to use their specific software or insist on yours, they may not be familiar with the software.

You can just pass it along and move on with your life!


9. It cost only $20 USD a month 

$20 USD is quite a good pricing for businesses that are just budding.

For small businesses every cent counts and this is a good pricing for start-ups that are cash strapped.

For those that require multi currency, it cost $30 USD a month for the subscription.


10. The fees are monthly and not one big sum at a go

Same as point 9, the fact that it is monthly is good for cash flow.

Small businesses will enjoy having not needing to pay $2000 – $5000 for one software that is necessary.

Cash flow is everything for a business.

So a good monthly subscription system is great for a start-up business.


If you are require help with your monthly bookkeeping or financial year end closing, speak to us.

We offer sme bookkeeping services on a monthly basis so that you do not need to worry about your year end submissions.

Speak to us also if you require help with any other forms of consultancy needs.

For businesses who require additional help with Corporate Loans, speak to our friends at Avant Consulting.

For businesses that need help with Singapore Mobile App Development, speak to our friends at Originally Us.

For businesses that require help with Singapore SEO Services, speak to our friends at SEO Geek.

For businesses that require help with Corporate Gifts Printing, speak to our friends at Global Asia Printings.

For businesses that require Bus Chartering in Singapore, speak to our friends at Friend of Bus.

For Businesses that require Data Centre Cabling Singapore, speak to our friends at Emerges-Plus. They are also Panduit Partner Singapore.

Thank you for reading our article on Reasons why you should use XERO Cloud Accounting in Singapore.

10 Reasons why you should use XERO Cloud Accounting in Singapore

Why SEO is the B2B marketing method of choice

Why SEO is the B2B marketing method of choice

Why SEO is the B2B marketing method of choice – B2B businesses are always having a big headache. How do i reach out to more business owners to get my product or services going.

You cannot just use Facebook or Instagram to sell your servers or your services because most people will not take such B2B proposition on social media platforms seriously.

Most people will enjoy using Google to reach out to their potential clients.

We will use this article to explore with you Why SEO is the B2B marketing method of choice.

Why SEO is the B2B marketing method of choice


1. Searches on Google are intentional

Potential clients can come from anywhere and Google is probably the best source of leads because the searches conducted by this people are intentional.

When someone goes to Google, they are ready to find something that they really need.

For example some kind of service or some kind of information that may lead to a sale.

This really is best form of marketing since they are there to get something done.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram where you will have to stick it in front of the potential client and see if you are able to convince them to make the purchase.

This makes SEO Marketing in Singapore one of the most convicting choices of marketing avenue.


2. Google searches gives your business trust

When you are ranking on the first page or top 3 of Google, you get some kind of trust from the customer’s trust of Google.

Because Google is known to give the best results that they deem is suitable to be the top result, based on the algorithm that they have come up with over the years.

When you find that particular search on Google and you find them being the top results, you will trust the results.

This trust helps you to build up your business much faster than if you were to go out and give flyers.

Google is able to help many businesses build up their presence by just being able to give relevant results on their first page SERPS.


3. SEO results may cost lesser overall

We all know that paid ads cost quite a bit.

The fact is that Google paid ads can cost up to $50 per click depending on what trade you are in.

When you are in high value financial services trades, you might really end up paying that much to be on the first few results of Google Ads.

But did you know that if you have a good link building strategy by having a good SEO or PR campaign, combined with good on-site optimization and content, you can actually do well through SEO too.

There are many SEO strategies that will help you to stand out from the crowd, but the question is how.

If you find a good Singapore SEO Services provider, you will be able to get good consultation on how it can be done at a good budget and efficiently.

Sometimes going after high value keywords may not be the most optimal for your low budget.

K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore based bookkeeping services company offering Bookkeeping through Xero Accounting Software.

We work closely with our start-up clients to provide high quality advice and also planning for their businesses.

For businesses who also require Loan Advisory Services.

You can speak to our partners at Avant Consulting.

We also work closely with our partners to give you access to the best mobile app development Singapore.


Why SEO is the B2B marketing method of choice

7 Strategies and methods to grow your business in Singapore

7 Strategies and methods to grow your business in Singapore

7 Strategies and methods to grow your business in Singapore – Everyone business owner face the same problems. How do they grow their business so that they will be able to improve their revenue and end up with more profits.

Business in Singapore is tough, very tough. For such a small population of people, there are many highly talented people competing for the limited pie of business.

There are many persons who are highly educated and able to produce good work at affordable prices.

Lets start on our article of “Strategies and methods to grow your business in Singapore”.

  • Grow your marketing (especially digitally)

Marketing is something that everyone thinks they know but not everyone does it well or efficiently. It is not just doing Facebook or Instagram post and then leaving it there. Neither is it doing a boosted campaign and expect everyone to see your post and come to your business.

You will need to motivate people to come to your place and also to show them there is social proof that you are doing well and a lot of customer enjoy your services or products.

This is where influencer marketing came about. The new age marketing methods uses a lot of social proof to get things moving along.

Online marketing such as Singapore SEO Services are definitely something that can help you to stand out amongst the crowd.

  • Grow your outreach

There are various ways to build an outreach. Outreaching to customers and potentials is how you keep your business growing.Social media is one of the main ways to drive outreach and to engage your customers.

Having post that will help them to understand what you are doing. The post also needs to be interactive.

Blogging is another way to do just that. Blogging helps you to educate your customers, especially if they are not sure of what is going on.

Outreach growth builds a funnel of potential customers that will convert to sales eventually.


  • Grow your public relations (PR)

Will you trust someone who has been on the newspaper or on the radio before or will you work with someone that has not?

Everyone likes to work and talk to someone who has some fame. Fame for a business also helps it to grow.

Did you know Public Relations or PR can be done by a PR professional who is able to assist you to gain more attention from the media.

This helps you to grow your business and builds up a stronger base for you to jump off from.


  • Take loans to speed up growth

Most businesses try to avoid doing this. Because they see loans as a risk to their future. But most business owners do not understand that if they have a plan and the plan needs funds. Taking a loan is probably the fastest way to get there.

With the pandemic causing havoc in the economy, most corporate loans are at record low interest rates right now.

With close to zero interest rates, most business owners should take advantage of such loans to grow their business outreach or to speed up their internal transformation plans to keep up to the times.

Getting a business loan consultant in Singapore can be a great way for you to gain access to loan much faster and also to maximize the amount you can go for while also reducing the interest rates and fees.

  • Network with more business people

Nothing beats having a personal relationship with the potential clients of yours. There are definitely people who are out there that you will like hanging out with and doing things that are exactly what you need.

Will you prefer working with someone you know personally versus finding them on Google?

Networking is one of the best ways to meet people, everyone wants to know more people and to build a strong network of contacts for business or even personal purposes.

Joining groups that have a business slant or even for those that have common interest in say cars or community work will help you to meet more people!

Popular ways of networking is also to join trade or cultural associations. Associations gather people of the same walk of life together.

They will be able to share some ideas and also their personal network with you so that you can improve your outreach for your busines.

  • Find a trusted and proven mentor

Running a business yourself when you are new to this world is very daunting. You may not know what is going on or you might just have the basics and within a year get stuck at where you are.

Having someone who can guide you will be great for your business and personal future.

A proven mentor is definitely someone who is much more experienced than you and also someone who has success in growing their business.


  • Be known for something

The fact for most businesses in Singapore is that they do not care much about how others see them.

If you are known to be the cheapest, be that.

If you are known to be the fastest, be that.

Work on differentiation and you will be outstanding!


K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore based Accounting firm and Bookkeeping Services Provider.

We use Xero Accounting Software to assist our clients in their accounting needs.

If you require help in your business management, speak to us.

We work closely with our customers to provide Bus Rental Services Singapore as well.

We also work closely with many business consultants to assist businesses in growing and also improving their businesses to reach greater heights, speak to us for a recommendation!

Thank you for reading our article on “Strategies and methods to grow your business in Singapore”.

7 Strategies and methods to grow your business in Singapore

Guide to becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore

Guide to becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore

Guide to becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore – For many who work in Singapore for the past many years or are from neighboring countries and see the value in becoming a permanent resident in Singapore due to the many benefits of holding onto a PR in Singapore.

Some of the benefits, not limited to just the list below are what makes it worthwhile getting a PR status in Singapore:

  1. You get to enter and leave Singapore without having to apply for work or travel visas. The PRs get an identification card that is blue that acts as a document for identity.
  2. Your unmarried children below 21 and spouse can also be included in your PR application. School going children also get higher priority than foreigners but behind citizens when you enroll them into public schools in Singapore.
  3. You are able to change jobs easily without worrying about losing your pass and being forced to leave the country.
  4. After a couple of years, be eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship.

Since this article is a Guide to becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore, let us start on how one can become a PR in Singapore.

There are many 3 methods or schemes that allow you to get a PR

  1. Professional/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker scheme, this allows persons holding Employment Passes (EP), S-Pass to apply for PR in Singapore. Though this scheme may need you to work in Singapore under those working passes for a minimum number of years before you will be considered for a PR status.
  2. Global Investor Programme (GIP) is for persons who have a strong entrepreneurial background and funds to invest in a Singapore government approved fund.
  3. Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts) is for recognized artistic celebrities that will grow our local culture.



Guide to becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore as a work pass holder in Singapore


Part One: Work on the timeline for your PR application
You can technically apply for your PR upon starting work with a work pass. But you will need at least 6 months of payslip to do so. So we do advice you to apply from 6 months of working with your current employer onwards.
Part Two: Improving the chances of your application
The government of Singapore intends to expand its work pool as well as talent pool to attract the best minds to Singapore. There are definitely a few criteria that will improve your PR application chances and will require you to work towards them.
1. Income – There is no hard and fast rule for this, but a slightly higher income from the job your are currently in will definitely help in your case, especially so if you are bringing family members over from overseas
2. Education and Employment background – Degrees from top schools around the world will be a bonus. If your current job role or your studies are in a sector that Singapore is putting effort in growing, it will definitely help in your chances.
3. Family ties – having someone in Singapore say a parent will support your case by showing societal ties
4. Personal Character – Charitable work proof and no brushes with the law will support your case
Part Three: Getting the paper work and submission done
Paper work documents and a Simple guide can be found on the ICA website here: https://www.ica.gov.sg/visitor/PR/visitor_PR_becomeapr


Part Four: Length of wait
Usually PR Applications anywhere from 6 months or longer to be approved. So you will be ready to wait for extended periods.

Part Five: How much does it cost

There will be a non-refundable $100 cost for every application.


If you are keen on starting up a business in Singapore, you could speak to us in K Cloud Accounting to assist you with your company incorporation services and also bookkeeping services.

Guide to becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore

What are some of the Singapore Accounting deadlines

What are some of the Singapore Accounting deadlines

What are some of the Singapore Accounting deadlines – Are you a new entrepreneur who is just starting up?

Starting up a business is so exciting yet tiring. For someone who is brand new, you might find it extremely difficult to get so many things done, especially when you are not trained in almost everything that demands of you.

There are marketing things to be done, operations paperwork to done. Then there is accounting! Something that is so necessary yet so troublesome and require skills to get done.

There are some accounting deadlines that you need to be concerned about though.

So What are some of the Singapore Accounting deadlines:


1. ACRA filing deadline

Financial Year of Most Private limited companies can be decided by the board of the company. For the purpose of illustration we will assume that the deadline is december 31st of the previous year.

For those who end their financial year on the 31st of December 2020, you have up till June 30th to finish filing your AGM and another 1 more month to get the annual return of your company submitted to the ACRA authorities.

For those who do not meet the deadlines will be imposed a $300 penalty from ACRA.


2. Financial Year ends

Financial year ends can be adjusted to reflect the 12 previous months of operation. For some businesses they can shorten the financial year so that they coincide with the calendar year to make things easier to remember and manage.


3. Corporate Income Tax Deadline

For businesses or owners who are new or not familiar with corporate tax deadlines.

For those who end their financial year in 2020 for example, their deadline to file their corporate income tax returns are the November of the subsequent year which is November 2021.


4. Personal Income Tax Deadline

For business owners that do take a salary or director fees, you will have to make your personal income tax submissions by the April of the subsequent calendar year.


If you are new and looking for some help with your business accounting and bookkeeping or will require some help with tax computation and submissions, you could speak to us at K Cloud Accounting. Our qualified accounting specialist will assist you with all the requirements!

Our partners also assist businesses with grants and SME Loan Brokering and Mortgage Loan Advisory.


What are some of the Singapore Accounting deadlines

Growing your business with cash flow from loans

Growing your business with cash flow from loans – One of the most important component to running a business is the magic of Cash.

Cash is king and when it comes to having them for business is how you can survive and build up your business positions.

Cash allows you to do your marketing and also your hiring which will in turn generate more sales and profits and more cash.

For some businesses, the hardest parts of running a business is when you don’t have enough cash to run your business and to build up fast.

This is also one of the biggest issues when trying to build a big business in the first place.

Cash is needed when you want to make expansion plans and require some upfront payments.

So how do you get more cash when you need it to grow and need it to speed things up.

What Loan Brokers in Singapore like Avant Consulting does is to actually help small businesses in Singapore get more prepared for their loan application journey.

There are many components when it comes to how loans are assessed:

  1. Your personal credit
  2. How well your company is doing financially
  3. The bank may not want to loan certain sectors at certain times
  4. Your companies debt servicing

There are so many components and for someone who is new to this they may make many mistakes or they are not well prepared for it.

This makes the journey for loan to get cash a lot harder.

If you are a business person and need funds you should speak to someone who is familiar with Singapore SME Loan Brokering to assist you with that and also to give advise for your long term business success.

We partner with Avant Consulting to assist our customer with access to funding from the banks and also financial institutions.

Getting loans at the most competitive rates and also the best terms can be very easy.

Growing your business with cash flow from loans

How a good accounting services Singapore provider can help your business?

How a good accounting services Singapore provider can help your business? – When you are building up a business, there are really quite a bit of things that you need to take good note of.

When you are running a business, you will need to know that there are many components in a business that can go wrong. You are someone who just had this idea and want to make some money out of it but end up being a superman who needs to know things such as marketing, accounting, branding, human resource and even how to clean the toilet of the office.

This is something no one is prepared for and this is also something that most people will find very challenging in being an entrepreneur.

The reason why this makes life of an entrepreneur is even more interesting, because you are someone who probably will have to pick up multiple skills in a manner that will have to test your resolve and also your tolerance.

There are skills that you can pick up quite fast and not something that everyone can do.

There are also skills that will need a lot of time and attention and you still might not be able to do a good job.

One of those skills are accounting services Singapore. The thing is that accounting work can be quite complicated, you might theoretically understand what to do but you may not be able to do it in a real life manner.

There are many components you need to pay attention to. When it comes to classifying expenses for example, you may not be doing it in a manner that is accurate to what the government of Singapore will like to do it best.

So when you are trying to learn something like this on the go, you might face issues that have legal implications.

You could pay for lessons but a degree in accounting might take you so much time you might as well start an accounting business instead.

So when you are planning to work something out with your accounting services, you might as well get an outsourced provider to help you with that.

A good accounting services Singapore provider will be glad to sit down to work with you on what needs to be done and delivered. You can also consult them to better improve the processes of your business and also be able to set aside your priorities to make sure you run a financially viable business.

The most important thing in business is cashflow and if you are able to better manage that with a good Singapore accountant, you will be able to run a better business.

Cash flow issues can also be solved by a Singapore Loan Broker that can help you to gain access to low interest loans in Singapore.

How a good accounting services Singapore provider can help your business?

The Benefits of a good Singapore Corporate Secretary

The Benefits of a good Singapore Corporate Secretary – Singapore is one of the top places in the world to set up a company. The country is right where all of the action is. South East Asia is expected to become one of the hottest growth regions in the world.

Singapore is right smack in the middle of the region and has a strong transport hub. The Changi Airport in Singapore is ranked top in the world because it provides such good comfort and also being one of the most efficient in the world.

When you are setting up a company in Singapore through Singapore Incorporation Services, you should try to find someone that is capable and experienced to assist you in this work.

Singapore is probably one of the best in getting strong financial support. There are many experienced Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services providers that not only can assist you with your business work, they can also give you good advice to help you to save time and money along the way of your business building.

A good corporate secretary in Singapore has many benefits, let me share with you all this little things through our upcoming article “The Benefits of a good Singapore Corporate Secretary”:

1. Advice you on Companies Act of Singapore

If you are new to the Singapore business climate, there are some laws that you need to abide by, if you are someone who is not a Singaporean or you are a Singaporean who is new to business, you will miss out on such things.

Having an experienced Singapore Corporate Secretary will mean you will not get into trouble with the law.

You should be focusing on building your business and not running around reading the companies act of Singapore. So in this case, we will be glad to advice you to find someone who has dealt with many situations and is experienced to handle them all.

2. Able to give you advice on accounts 

If you find a good corporate secretary that has an in-house accounting function, usually they are able to also assist you with that and give you advice from the accounting and taxation angle.

If you are someone who needs help in that, you can also get more help there.

Accounting is one of the key components of business and to get someone to guide you with it is better than nothing.

3. Someone who is experienced

If you get someone who knows the tricks around things, you can get help to remove someone who is say annoying you in the boardroom. If you know how to use the law in your favor that is.

A good corporate secretary with many years of experience that has went through such difficulties can give you an idea on how to work around things and get things done.

If you require someone who is able to get things done and also assist with company registration services in Singapore, you should speak to our friends at Koh Management Pte Ltd.

KCA is one of the leading XERO Accounting Services Singapore provider.

The Benefits of a good Singapore Corporate Secretary

How to save on interest with Mortgage Refinancing Singapore

How to save on interest with Mortgage Refinancing Singapore

How to save on interest with Mortgage Refinancing Singapore – Buying a property for own stay or for investment is the dream for many people. Asian are also a group of people who love to own their own properties so that they have something to pass on to their later generations.

When you buy a property, the location matters, the price matters but you need to realize something. The cost of ownership can increase if your Mortgage Loan interest is high. You might end up spending a few hundred or thousand dollars more per month if you are not sure if you are getting the best packages available in the market.

When you are someone who is planning to own one or two property this is going to save you quite a budget.

If you are instead an investor, this will cost you even more in the long term.

The fact that Mortgage Loans can be saved if you refinance them once every 2 to 3 years means that you have to do it to make sure you are always getting the lowest rates available in the market.

The mortgage loan rates in Singapore are at the lowest it has ever been.

For residential property, fixed rates can go to as low as 1.25% whereas commercial property you can get 1.5% per annum for interest.

So if you are someone who will work with Mortgage Brokers in Singapore to get your Singapore Mortgage Refinancing done, you can definitely save quite a sum of money in the long term.

For anyone who wishes to get their Mortgage Refinancing Singapore done, you can work with our friends from Avant Mortgage.

They are the professionals in this market and if you need new home loan in Singapore you can also go to them for help!

K Cloud Accounting is your Singapore Xero Accounting Services firm.

How to save on interest with Mortgage Refinancing Singapore

List of Accounting items for Startups to take note of

List of Accounting items for Startups to take note of

List of Accounting items for Startups to take note of – Accounting is something that most people do not really pay attention to when they are in school. This is one course that will mean a lot to a business as time goes by because having a business owner knowing accounting is definitely an advantage for businesses. But not all startup founders are able to deliver that level of work or have that level of knowledge. Some founders are engineering trained, while some are medically trained.

This is one of those list that will be useful for you if you are about to embark on the journey of starting a business and you will need this to find out what is best for you when it comes to the accounting needs for a startup business.

Let us now start on the List of Accounting items for Startups to take note of:


1. Cash position

Accounting is not just to account for the expenses and the income. But at the same time the cash position of the business. The issue with businesses folding is not because they are not profitable but purely because they do not have a strong enough cash amount.

Cash is king and in this climate of bad business, we are seeing the cash of businesses get burnt up fast.

When you are doing your Start Up Accounting, you need to take note of this figure the most.

You might be seeing big revenue figures but if your cash position is bad, you might not be able to pay up your landlord or handle your staff cost which will end up being in a bad position.

Make sure that you have enough cash to keep the company going for a couple of months in the case of lock downs like recently and you will be safe.


2. Expenses

Having an accountant to watch your accounts can be a good thing. Some times you have no idea how much expenses you are working on and will end up spending too much.

When you have a sharp increase in expenses and not paying attention, your accountant might be a good person to sit down with you to explain that you are seeing higher fees in certain sectors or your vendor might be over charging you in comparison to other customers in the same sector.

Expenses are usually what drains the resources of the company so this is definitely the second item that we will hope our start up founders and SME owners will look closely into and monitor when they are running their business.


3. Cost of Funds

The cost of funds can be from loans that you are taking.

This is one thing that drains the your cash positions.

When you want to take on loans to grow your business, you need to ensure that you are getting the lowest loan interest rate amounts available.

Interest rates that are too high will drain your financials more than they may be useful for you to start off a business and grow from there.

Cost of funds can be managed espeically with fees and interest rates taking up a big bulk of that.

You may wish to speak to loan consultants that can assist you with your Singapore Business Term Loans.


4. Receivable Cycle

This is one thing that most people do not really pay attention to but if your receivable cycle is too long, you run the risk of having too little cash flow.

This goes back to the first point of your cash position.

When your receivable cycle is too long, you may not be able to pay for things as they come.

Reducing this figure is one of the top priority for businesses that are having issues.

Other options to getting by this is to take up Singapore Invoice Factoring, this will allow you to receive cash up front first for financing the project needs and paying some interest for such facilities.


5. Fixed Cost

This are the items in your books that you cannot really reduce fast or get rid of.

Things like your salary and rental are fixed for an extended period of time and this is also one thing that you need to monitor.

Variable cost such as commission or commission based workers can be adjusted to find out where is your cost is increasing and adjusting it can mean more profits.

This figure is also something you should monitor as time goes by.

K Cloud Accounting is one of the top Singapore Xero Accounting Services company.

We provide full suite accounting services for our customers from many industries and we are able to assist you for all your corporate secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting and taxation services needs.

We work with many Start ups to provide them with accounting services that they will require.

So if you are a start up founder that needs help with your start up accounting services or sme accounting services, speak to us now!

List of Accounting items for Startups to take note of