Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

29 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

29 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget – Most people want to start their own business. The idea of working for yourself and putting in all the effort and getting paid for your own effort is the goal for many.

For most, you may not have the budget to start off a business that may cost you too much to run.

We are here today to share some of the ideas that we believe will be able to help you start without much down.

Let us now share the list of 28 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget:



1. Drop shipping

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Saw something on AliExpress that you think will interest the people in your Community?

Drop Shipping is a very popular method of making money and starting out an E-Commerce Business right now.

China has some of the cheapest and weirdest things that can help you to sell for much profit.

The items that may cost you $1 to buy and deliver to your customers can be resold at $5 for a good $4 profit, without you even needing to do much work?

Set up a website! Market the item on Facebook or Instagram! Purchase on AliExpress when there’s an order! Job done!

Definitely one of the top Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget.


2. Design and Print T-Shirt

Have some design skills?

Able to Act Fast?

Is there a new social media idea that came about and you want to print it on a T-Shirt to wear.

Be Someone who is always ahead of the curve and design something that is fashionable and at the same time up to date with the news.

Selling them at $25 a piece will likely get you quite a number of income!

Fun to do it too!

Print your own T-Shirts today!

Top favorite Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget.


3. Online Courses

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Preparing and teach online courses is the sure fire way to make lot of income.

The internet is vast with many users.

There are definitely things that you know better than others, turn it into a course and place them online for a price!

You will be able to reach people from around the world as well and this is great for someone that you prepare once and reach many people

The exponential growth is likely something that will help you grow and go far!

Good idea in this time and age to learn SEO through Singapore SEO Course and Classes.


4. Party/Club Promoter

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Are you someone who loves to club and party?

Are you also well connected with the bouncers and even maybe the owners or marketing people of the club.

Club promoters are needing to bring people in to party.

Party promoters are also very well paid because we all know a good promoter can bring in all the good paying people to spend in the club!

We also think, once Covid-19 is over and parties start again, people are going to party with a vengeance!

And who does not like to be treated like a VIP by a party promoter!


5. Blogging/Vlogging

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Blogging has become quite the lifestyle for many people who are staying at home.

Write about food, write about travels or even just pure random things!

There are so many things that can draw eyeballs and if you know some SEO, you can probably optimize for an article to rank!

With that ranking, you can either promote some brands and businesses or get yourself hooked up to Google AdSense and earn some advertising dollars.

One of our friends on The Random Singaporean, they write about anything that happens in Singapore, you can do something similar too!

Great way to scale and grow with more content and more traffic coming onto your website.


6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, something that got really popular in yesteryears but still a very well paid work.

Do you enjoy blogging and have a good base of readers?

Bloggers with a certain theme of writing might be keen to get themselves exposed to the marketing departments of businesses.

Some businesses may be keen to let you review and write about them and if you send traffic and business their way, to even pay you a good sum.

This is one of the best ways to make income for helping others sell their online purchases.

With technology they can also track that this traffic comes from you and will give you the necessary payments!


7. Social Media Influencer

Social media is the big thing right now.

Someone who has lots of followers is able to use that influence to get people to buy things or to visit a certain place.

One of the key things that most people don’t realize is that you can use the influence to do your own business or sell that for a fee.

Get to associate with a brand that you trust and like and you may not need to worry about income.

Just focus on making great content so that your followers will continuously engage with you!


8. YouTube Personality

27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Similar to the Social Media Influencer, the YouTube personality are even more popular than some actors and actresses nowadays.

They get so much attention on YouTube and grow day by day with the algorithm helping them grow when they make great content.

This is something that most people do not realize but is a great resource for those who wish to become famous and grow their outreach.

Businesses can use such YouTube Personalities to grow their brand and also reach out to new markets!


9. Virtual Assistant

Most city goers are busy nowadays.

Entrepreneurs and high powered managers have even less time.

Hiring a personal assistant in Singapore may cost you way more money than if you got a virtual assistant.

Need to have a meeting scheduled? Send it to your VA and its done.

Need to book a restaurant or some flight tickets? Send it to your virtual assistant and it is done too!


10. Business Consultant

Do you have strength in say marketing?

Or are you a supply chain wizard?

Consultant business and let them know how they can improve on some business processes.

When such projects are done and improvements made, you will be able to bring home a handsome sum for your business consultancy work.


11. Graphic Designer

Every business needs design work.

Their logo or their brochure may need a fresh new look and if you are someone who has good design sense and able to make good work.

You will be in demand as the world right now are very focused on good design and design should also be something that sets you apart!


12. Website Designer

27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

A good website is like a beautiful modern shop front.

Shop fronts look good for customers to enter.

So must your website design to get the attention of your customers.

Your customer who are happy with your website design will be more keen to read the content of your website and this is true for most online businesses in today’s world!


13. Dance Coach

Are you a professional dancer? Or really good at it?

You may be keen on teaching children how to dance.

Dancing is something that should be learn young and many parents are willing to pay top dollar for a good dance coach.

Whether you do it in a class or privately, this is bound to make good income.


14. Music Coach

Similar to dance, music instruments are something that many people will pay good money to learn.

Guitar or singing are just a few of the musical classes you can go for.

Some of the top music coaches charge hundreds of dollars per class to learn from them.


15. Translator

If you know 2 or 3 or even more languages, this is something for you.

You can help with doing live translation if you are really good with your languages or you could help with articles or document translations.

Be really sure with your work and you may even get to work with the government.

Now there are definitely more reasons to pick up multiple languages!


16. Data Entry Services

Some people need work to be keyed into systems.

Some data needs to be kept neatly.

Name Card details need to be stored well.

One of the few things that some business owners do not have is time.

Help them out with their data entry and get paid well for it!


17. Ghost Writer

You can write really well. You have a lot of content, but you are not someone who is popular and therefore no one will buy from you.

You could instead be a ghost writer for someone who is popular and may need some writing done for them.

Some famous people will like to write autobiographies or they may have some ideas they wish to pen into a book.

That is where a Ghost Writer comes into play.


18. Resume Writer

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Some people are good at their craft and good at their studies.

But one thing they are really bad at is to write a good resume.

Resumes are important for you to find work and also a good resume will help you stand out from the others.

A professional resume writer will therefore be able to consult his or her client to help them write a good one.

Top dollar can be charged for a well formatted and well written resume for your customer.


19. Event Planner

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Are you someone who is meticulous and enjoy running large scale events?

Events can be really tough to run because there are some many moving parts.

You will also likely need to run a few items that require you to manage vendors.


20. Wedding Planner

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Not many people enjoy planning a wedding.

Wedding planning can be a long journey and other than getting vendors and getting your location.

You will probably need to make sure everything goes smooth on that day as well.

You as their wedding planner can smooth this out and make a good income as someone who is experienced in doing so!


21. Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning is a tough thing, you are able to do most of the cleaning quite easily.

When there are occasions where the home needs to be clean, you can step in to help.

Charge a good sum of money and you are on your way to make good income for that!


22. Office Cleaning

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Office Cleaning can be fixed work that can happen every other day or week.

Most bosses do not really enjoy breathing down you neck which makes life easier as an office cleaner.

If you are someone who enjoys cleaning, you can get to see a clean office within a few hours of your work.

Office Cleaning Services that will definitely make you good consistent income.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning services company, you can call them too.


23. Bookkeeping Services

Are you someone who knows accounting?

Accounting work for your bookkeeping services is something that most people with some training can do.

Every business needs to have their business bookkeeping done right every month.

So if you are able to do such work, you can find bookkeeping services jobs to help out and earn some income!


24. Tax Consultancy

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Tax season is coming and for most businesses or even individuals, they may not know how to go about it.

Tax consultancy is something that those who are trained are able to carry out.

Read up on the tax codes and get working on tax consultancy for individuals or business today!


25. Home Baker

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Do you enjoy baking?

Are you good at it and your baked items taste good?

You may be onto something.

Most of the famous bakers start from their homes and this is also a place where you have low cost of running your business.

You do not need to pay for rental and can bake at your own time.

You can make good income from selling to friends and family and slowly growing the business.


26. Baby Sitting

Do you have a cute baby? Or you enjoy spending time with babies?

Some working adults do not have time to care for their own because they need to work.

Then in this case, a baby sitter will be a great person to help with carrying for their child.

The child will likely be well taken care of if you are someone who loves and cares for babies!


27. Dog Sitting

Last but not least, dogs are a rare breed of pets.

They are the ones that love humans the most and most humans care for them too.

If you are away for some time, a dog sitter may be great to care for your dog children.

Find a good dog sitter that can ensure they are safe and healthy!

28. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Most people who are born in this generation are definitely digital natives.

Digital natives being you have spend most of your time online and you are consuming so much things from the internet than your parents or grandparents did.

If you are online most of the time then Online Marketing is definitely something that will get to you more than anything.

Digital Marketing is moving to a different sphere every other year and if you are able to develop some form of marketing method or skill sets for reaching out to potential customers, you are on a right path.

Providing such digital marketing services such as SEO Marketing is something that you can pick up from researching and learning more online.

Definitely one of the top business ideas to start with no money capital or budget.

29. Swimming School

Swimming School


Do you know how to swim?

Then this is definitely something you can teach without much worry.

Most parents are also coming into the stage of sending their toddlers for toddlers swimming classes, which is something of a skill for them to learn.

As there are not many swim schools in Singapore, you could start one and publicize yourself to reach out to either school going children or help babies to learn swimming.


You can always start a business without any money, you just need hard work and your own effort to do it.

Find out more from this article as we will write more about Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget/


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29 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

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