Business ideas that you can start without much or any qualifications or education

Business ideas that you can start without much or any qualifications or education

Business ideas that you can start without much or any qualifications or education – Many people in the current younger generation are keen to start their own businesses.

The golden question is, Can you start a business with little to no qualifications?

The answer is Yes! All it takes is a willing mind and some funds. Most successful business owners in the world do not have a degree and some don’t even have a diploma.

Most of them have no money, but we all know this is not a limitation when you can get funding or borrow to start your business.

But one of the key things that may stop them from doing so is lacking the right qualifications. There are businesses that you can start that will require little to none of such requirements, just pure hard work and probably some lessons to go for to be equipped with the skillsets.

What i am sharing is businesses that you can run without going to college and passing entrance exams to qualify for:


1. Air-Conditioner Servicing

To service an air conditioner, you will definitely need some training.

But you can also make use of the already available online tutorials to help with your job.

Servicing an air conditioner is pretty easy and with good tools, there shouldn’t be any problem in making it work like new again. For the most part, you will need to be an apprentice for a few months as a quick learner and you can pretty much do most of the world.

If not, go to the popular brands and attend their classes, not long later you are ready to start your self-employed journey of servicing air conditioners for your customers.



2. Car Rental

You do not need special training to carry out a car rental business. All you need is a good quality car.

You will be able to get more customers if you have a good marketing strategy and being friendly with your clients also helps a lot.

Many of us have cars just rusting in our compound or garage, all you need do is find ways of getting them road-worthy again and refurbishing them ready to be rented out.

There are some licensing that you may need to acquire as well as insurance, but that is pretty much it when it comes to running a car rental business.



3. Cleaning Business

Cleaning businesses are probably some of the easiest businesses to start.

You will require some cleaning products, transportation means and a whole lot of hard work.

This is because the only way to make money in this business is by working harder than any other person you are competing with. You can go for franchising or start on your own but don’t forget to do it right from the very beginning.

In Singapore, there are some licensing requirements as well as a 2-3 days course you need to attend and easily pass.

Other than that, this industry is easy to get into.

The really difficult part is to find customers and close them to make that income.

Office Cleaning Services can be useful for business owners to get their workplace cleaning done.

You could find cleaners that can assist with such needs and get them to help you work and do the cleaning.

Manpower management is much more important in this case.



4. E-Commerce Store

Starting an E-Commerce Store on Amazon or eBay is so easy. Even starting your own brand to do E-Commerce is so easy.

When you think of E-Commerce, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Shopify or Woocommerce.

That is because they are super easy to use and even a primary school kid can run it for you. All you need do is find something other people are struggling with to sell online and make sure customers are able to find your website or online store to purchase them from you.



5. Security Business

Compound security and building security businesses require a great number of manpower.

For such businesses, you need licensing but you do not need much of a qualification to get this done.

Specialized training needs to be attended by company directors and security guards, but usually, that is about it.

Definitely something that is part of this list of “Business ideas that you can start without much or any qualifications or education”.


6. Sales Team Building

You are good at sales but you are better at managing a bunch of sales people.

Good news, there are businesses that need sales and do not have the capabilities of building such a power team.

If you are someone who is able to sell well and manage well, you could help them out by getting commissions for selling anything under the sun.

As long as the margins are right, you run the sales team that in turn bring the money back to you.



7. Influencer Agency

Are you someone who is good looking or has whacky ideas all the time.

Get yourself Instagram and TikTok famous and then bring in all the talented people to start an influencer agency.

This is a great way to reach the whole world and influence them.

Businesses will love to have you helping them get things done and also to grow their business!



8. Blogging

The fact is, you just need to have decent English standards and you can start blogging about everything under the sun.

You will also need a keen mind to be abel to generate good content on a regular basis.

Also that determination to keep going even though the initial parts are hard because no one truly looks at what you write.



9. Dropshipping

You don’t need qualification for this.

Just need to learn how arbitrage works.

Go onto Aliexpress and find out what items are sold so cheap but others are selling for 10x or 20x more.

Then do your marketing to sell the products on your own website!



10. Swimming Lessons

Can you swim? And can you teach?

Honestly, this is all that is needed if you want to be a Swimming Coach.

Start your small little Swimming School and you can teach anyone who wants to learn swimming.

As long as people are willing to pay you to teach, you do not need any form of qualification to teach swimming.



11. Music Lessons

Are you in love with your guitar or piano?

If you are a great player and also able to teach well, you can go ahead to teach music lessons to people who are keen to learn.

There is no actual requirement of certificates or qualifications to teach music.

If you are good and people are willing to pay, go ahead!

You dont need education to start a business in teaching music!


It does not take a collage degree or a specialized entrance exam to run businesses.

There are so many things you can do without much qualifications or training.

As long as you are willing to learn, either online or through other platforms.

And at the same time, put in that extra effort to find your customers and offer the best customer service.

You are likely able to run a successful business that will bring you success in your career.

K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore Xero Accounting Services firm.

If you need help with incorporation and accounting, speak to us!

Business ideas that you can start without much or any qualifications or education

10 Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore

10 Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore – Singapore is a food heaven, one of the top places in the world to go in search for food.

Being a gathering of many cultures, you will likely be able to find food from all corners of the world in this great location.

Not just good food but also at a great price.

The Singapore Hawker Culture is something Singaporeans are very proud of.

The Hawker Culture even got listed in the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

For most young people, this culture is a part of the Singaporean Entrepreneurship journey that they are keen to be part of and they are sure to want to make a name for themselves in.

Below are some ideas that the team at KCA will like to share with the world about Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore:


1. Chicken Rice

Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore

Photo from Wikipedia

One of the best inventions of Singapore, the Hainanese Chicken Rice is a delicacy that deserves more than it is now.

With the rice cooked to perfection and white chicken dipped in ice, there are so many options you can go for.

Chicken Rice is something that is of an art and if you are an Entrepreneur who is keen to cook this delicacy, you are sure to need some skills.

But we are sure if you open in any hawker centre that there will be people who are interested to give it a try because i dare say many Singaporeans love their Chicken Rice!


2. Hokkien Mee

Hokkien mee

Photo from Wikipedia

The legendary Hokkien Mee, also know as the prawn noodles, this delicacy is something out of this world.

The balance is in having the soupy portions not too wet but not too dry and many stalls are not able to handle this well.

The pork lard that comes with it is also very important to add to the flavour.

Nothing beats having a plate of this while its hot!

The Food Entrepreneur will probably need to practice his or her craft before they can do this as a business but its a sure to sell!


3. Fish and Chips

Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore

Photo from Big Fish Small Fish

One of the Singaporean top favourites, the Fish and Chips is a Western favourite but also a Singaporean Favourite.

To ensure that this food item taste great, the fish needs to be fried to a crisp and at the same time, a good choice of fish is important to bring out the taste.

Good food must also come at a good price!

There are currently also many Halal Fish and Chips Singapore options to try!

For those that are working from home, you could also choose the Fish and Chips Delivery Singapore option!


4. Bubble Tea

Photo from South China Morning Post

Singapore had a big craze for bubble tea in the past 5 to 10 years and a different wave keeps coming when there are new entrants into the game.

The Bubble Tea craze came from Taiwan that has many brands of Bubble Tea that are sure to excite your taste buds.

With so many choice of teas and also many different fruits to add to them.

You are bound to enjoy the drinks.


5. Bar / Pub

Do you enjoy drinking?

Drinking at a bar and pub is something that many people love to do.

Young or old, if you are someone who loves alcohol, this is definitely a great business for you to start.

You can start a bar to invite all your friends over for drinks and have fun.


6. Western Food

Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore

Photo from Mothership


Western Food such as Chicken Chop, Pork Chop, Steaks are also a very popular choice in Singapore.

Singaporeans love their western food and with that many of the famous long term restaurants have been going from strength to strength.

The Western Food Entrepreneur will need to really work their cooking to get the best things

One should also note for Halal Western food options.


7. Sushi

Photo from Asiaone

Are you a sushi fan, the raw fish that brings out the sweet taste of fishes that are commonly found near Japan.

The Salmon and Tuna fans will sure be able to tell whether this is the belly or other parts of the Salmon.

There are many new Sushi Joints in Singapore that are coming up as and when and we are treated to many top quality work by chefs coming from Japan to practice their craft.


8. Japanese Food

Photo from

Other than Sushi, there are so many options for Japanese Food.

Are you a fan of Teppanyaki? Or are you a fan of fried Japanese food items?

How about the tasty noodles of ramen?

There are so many Japanese Food options in Singapore that you can travel around to find.


9. Bak Kut Teh

Photo from Wikipedia

The white or the black?

The white peppery style of cooking is popular in Singapore but there are also “Malaysian” style of cooking that is more herbal and therefore the black style.

Mixing Pork Ribs with a tasty broth has brought out great taste in this dish.

With a good chinese tea, you can entertain guest and friends for a good whole day!


10. Nasi Lemak

The malay delicacy of Nasi Lemak.

Great use of coconut to make the rice and nicely fried items such as the chicken wings and also the otah or fish fillet.

One of the most popular food options in Singapore.

Not that easy to prepare but something that will entertain!

Food and Beverages businesses are not easy to manage and build up.

But we all know Singapore is a food heaven and Singaporeans are very willing to pay for good food.

Work hard on your recipe and we are sure to see you succeed with lots of business and lots of branches of your choice recipe.

K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore Xero Accounting Services firm.

We assist customers with their Monthly Bookkeeping Services.

If you F&B business needs help with this, speak to us!


10 Business Ideas in Food & Beverages (F&B) to start in Singapore

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021/2022

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021/2022

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021/2022 – Covid-19 pandemic became a big issue in the year of 2020.

The business climate of the world has slowed down so much and have been stalling for quite a bit ever since.

Many people have lost their jobs and this is something of a concern. Especially those with families to feed, it becomes very tough if you do not seek some form of income to tide through tough times.

For those who have thought of doing something during the lockdown periods, they may have found a new business avenue.

There are definitely more staying at home and also for those who are more into entrepreneurship, the launch of brand new businesses.

So what are some of the ideas that we think will be great for a covid-19 startup.

Let us start on our article on “Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021”.

1. Home Baking & Cooking

home baking

Many people started baking and cooking at home.

Baking is something that can help you to sell some cakes and pastries so that you can share them with the world.

Pastries are not too difficult to prepare so starting up something like this is not too tough.

You will still need the influence to push them out to the market though, so it will most likely still need some form of marketing dollars.

This is also something you can just kick start with just an instagram account!

Or you could take the option of Halal Fish and Chips & Wester Food Delivery Singapore.

2. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the future.

The future of getting businesses to grow and have outreach to other people.

Digital marketing is part of the digitization process that the Singapore Government is strongly encouraging.

Are you someone who is good at getting people known, then this is one of the best ways to get it done.

Learn your digital marketing online from courses or YouTube and start offering businesses the means to reach their customers.

This few years, people are also very keen on learning SEO in Singapore and needing SEO Services Singapore.

Facebook, Google, Instagram and even LinkedIn, there are so many ways to get your business going!

3. E-Commerce


E-Commerce will only get bigger and bigger in the years to come.

Retail is sunset and with E-Commerce, you can sell anything from anywhere.

All you need is a way to market your product and you will be able to sell.

E-Commerce stores need a lot of branding and marketing and this is something you should pay good attention to so that you can do something about it.

Definitely a good idea to start during the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Dropshipping


Similar to E-Commerce, but instead of building a brand, get something more generic that you can just drop ship.

Dropshipping has become very popular with most business owners who are just starting out because they cost next to zero to run.

You need to really build up a good marketing machine to push out the sales.

Be prepared to spend some money on Facebook to push out your products!

5. Live Streaming Influencer

Live Streaming

Photo by Jesus Loves Austin on Unsplash

Live streaming became a very popular job during the Covid-19 pandemic. During lockdowns, people have nothing much to do but they need to be entertained.

This is something that most people will look forward to.

When you are home and wanting to get entertained and buy something, you look towards a live streaming influencer and you end up buying either really useful or useless things.

Live streaming has become a great thing for people who use this features on Facebook and Instagram to engage their crowds.

6. Education Technology

Education Technology

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, one of the worst hit are the education sector people.

Education has been badly hit because the best forms of education is when you can interact with the teacher and learn from them.

With zoom classes, it is just not as effective.

But with the covid-19 pandemic going on, one of the best business ideas you can work on is actually education technology.

Education technology helps people to learn even when at home and making things more interactive makes it easier for your child or yourself to learn.

Though it is tough, Singapore businesses are also use Education Technology to assist Courses for 2 Years old and Courses for 3 years old.

Childhood is a good time to Learn To Read Singapore.

7. Cloud Kitchens

cloud kitchen

Covid is the time when many people start to work from home.

Working from home and not having much time to actually cook or not even feeling like cooking will mean a lot of take outs.

For businesses that are trying to expand their online outreach and also their E-Commerce outreach for their food business, they could take on Cloud Kitchen options.

Cloud Kitchen allow you to expand to say a sector of Singapore without having a big presence.

Long story short, with a cloud kitchen operator, many businesses can rent a small space and let delivery people push your product to the area around that cloud kitchen.

This solves high rental problems and is a great way for this covid induced food delivery boom!

8. Consulting Services


Consulting on how to digitalize your business is boom time now.

There are so many businesses that do not have online presence and they do not know how to do it.

You as a consultant can come in to help them with setting up a website and social media presence.

You could also assist them with rebranding to keep them up to date when it comes to the new way of doing business.

9. Fitness and Wellness Programs and Apps

Fitness App

Quarantine means staying at home.

For those who need to exercise to keep themselves healthy and also to keep themselves mentally sane, they will choose to work out in the comfort of their homes.

You may have some equipment but not sure what to do with them.

Having a fitness app will definitely help those who want to learn and to work out with a fixed regime and help to achieve work out goals.

10. Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning

Retail shops and Food & Beverages businesses are making sure their venue are safe.

They do not want their venue to become marked as a Covid-19 hotspot.

For those who want to keep clean, they hire professional Singapore Commercial Cleaning Companies to help them to get things done the right way.

Sanitizing teams come in every other day to ensure everything is safe and clean.


11. Pet Products and Services

Pet Products and Services

Working from home and also staying home for quarantine lock downs means more people have a harder time emotionally.

With that, the number of pets being sold and adopted have risen quite a bit.

This is something that will definitely help many emotionally.

With that, expect pet grooming or other products and services to spike and move up because of the increase in number of pets this 1-2 years of covid pandemic.

12. Culinary Classes

Culinary Classes

Work from home, means eat from home.

Everyone who cannot really cook have pretty much learn how to do it to cut cost on deliveries and going out to buy takeaways.

Culinary online classes has been boom town and will likely keep growing as more people take up classes to learn new things.

If you are someone who knows how to cook and cook well, take advantage of that to teach cooking or you could even have a YouTube class on how to do it and make some advertising dollar!

13. Delivery Services

delivery services

Delivery is something that has strongly picked up.

No one wants to leave their home because of covid, even when it comes to getting food or groceries.

Opting to get someone to deliver it to their doorsteps means that you have much more opportunity if you are ready to do the hard work.

Delivery services for food or products are definitely going to build up with the push for more E-Commerce.

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic

14. Online Classes or Tutorials

Online Course

Physical classes are hard to come by, when you have to social distance and constantly having the fear of getting Covid.

Online Classes became the staple for many people. When it comes to classes, you can teach anything.

Things such as an online marketing skill or you might want to teach something to do with home cleaning.

You can run through many different forms of lessons that you can do online.

For those who are in Primary School doing their Primary Writing Class Singapore or needing PSLE Holiday Programmes Singapore, you can consider doing them online too!

Great things is, your students are not limited by boundaries and you will also be able to reach out to many many more students than your physical classes can ever reach out to!

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic

Do you have any other ideas for what you can do when you are under lockdown or when you have nothing much to do at home and want to start up a new business.

The fact that Covid-19 is likely here to stay, you should get ready for a new normal.

It might take awhile more for things to be restored to normal but humans as a race will require a lot hard work together to pull through.

K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore leading accounting firm.

Speak to us if you require accounting services or corporate secretarial services.

Thank you for reading this article on “Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021”.


Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021

28 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

29 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

29 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore – Singapore is a very interesting country, also a great place to be an Entrepreneur.

Many years ago, when it was trying to declare it’s own independence, many countries did not expect it to survive more than a few years.

But fast forward 56 years, we have a thriving and respectable economy and nation.

As the years passed, many businesses set up show in Singapore and also many different trades thrived in this small economy.

Many Entrepreneurs have set up bases in Singapore and also young Singaporeans have learnt many skills to start businesses on their own.

Taking advantage of the funding and also the presence of highly skilled individuals, Singapore has lead many fields in the past couple of years and looks to grow to become a startup and business location for many years to come.

If you are on your path to wanting to start a business in Singapore, here are some business ideas or concepts that you can explore a little.

Let us start our article on Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

What has gotten Singapore to this position are dependent on a few key points:

  • Clear policies set for by the government
  • Hardworking and daring populace
  • Funds flowing in from around the world
  • Strong Financial Hub
  • Position as a trade hub and also Financial HQ for South East Asia

This points and not limited to them are a strong reason why many businesses are still using Singapore as their Regional or Asian Headquarters and for some their Global Headquarters.

Just to name a few:

This really shows that Singapore is a great place to run your businesses and also to set up your company.

Either as a new startup business or as a regional HQ for your growing business.

So let us start now by sharing with you what are some of the business ideas that we believe you can start in Singapore.

We shall start our article on “Business Ideas to Start in Singapore”.

1. Crypto Currency

Hot Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash


Cryptocurrency is something really new to the finance industry and also to Singapore.

Singapore, being one of the leading financial hub is still observing them and trying to figure if we should write them into law.

There are many popular cryptocurrencies in the market and the most popular one is definitely Bitcoin.

Bitcoin makes up the biggest chunk of the crypto market and there are many new currencies also founded and started in recent years.

The cool thing is, Singapore is the top location for businesses to launch their crypto currencies in the world.

For a period of time in the late 2010s, Singapore became the top location for ICO launches.

We still believe Singapore is one of the top places for you to launch your Crypto Currency.

We also believe Singapore will remain and thrive as one of the best financial hubs in the world.

Definitely one of the top Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

2. Crypto Currency Exchanges

Best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash


When there are many ICOs, there are many exchanges.

The fact is Singapore will also be a great place to start an exchange because of the friendly laws here.

Singapore enjoys being the leader in financial industries.

There are many reasons to be at the forefront of new things because we can take this advantage to take a lead.

An exchange will also means that some people who want to have their crypto changed into fiat to be stored somewhere can do so in Singapore.

Singapore has a strong banking industry to support this.

Singapore has been coming up with new laws to govern crypto currencies and we look forward to see how this will allow the industry to thrive in Singapore.

Take advantage of Singapore’s location to make it one of the best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

3. Micro Loans / Business Loans

Top Business Ideas to Start in Singapore


There are many businesses and there are definitely financing needs.

Not everyone is keen on getting new investors in exchange of shares.

The fact is if they can get some small loan to keep going they will make it.

Business Micro loan startups are extremely popular now because they fill a gap where the banks don’t.

Banks do not want to lend to startups that are not proven to make money or they are too young.

Banks like to have the best businesses that come to them to take loans and this leaves many small startups starving for funds.

For businesses that do need help with planning and acquiring loans and do not know or want to go through the hassle, they could go through Singapore Loan Brokers to get that done as well.

4. Food & Beverages

Popular Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

Singaporeans love to eat.

Many say Singapore is a foodies heaven and i will believe so.

Many Singaporeans or Foreigners are willing to pay top dollar for good food.

There are also many places in Singapore to get yourself some booze.

Food and Beverages such as alcohol are a great way for you to make a good buck if you have a good theme to it!

Find out some of the weirdest ideas and test it out on an audience!

One of the best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

5. Self Driving Vehicles


For the new technology of self driving cars, Singapore is definitely a good place to do localised testing.

Singapore also has a very strong sector for such developments.

With many engineering graduates to tap from the local universities, Singapore is a preferred choice for many.

If you are into building the next generation of technology, you can consider going into this side of tech in Singapore.

Definitely a fast growing industry in the years to come and something that can make you good move in the long term.


6. Digital Marketing

Great Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

There are many businesses based in Singapore.

The fact that we are a finance industry leader and also a low tax regime, we attract many businesses.

For most businesses, there is still an intense need for marketing.

Marketing is also out of the traditional and into the Digital.

If you are someone who is able to do very good SEO, SEM or Facebook/Instagram Marketing, you will definitely have an edge.

Digital Marketing is still the way to go for many businesses going forward.

But what we do suggest is to have a automation or system to help businesses improve their digital marketing and also for them to do it themselves.

Because even though good digital marketing is a good start up idea, you can still do something that helps the digital marketers!

Very Popular Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.


7. Funds Management for High Networth


Photo by Chronis Yan on Unsplash


There is no coincidence when this news just came on recently: Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s family office to open in Singapore

The fact that Singapore has one of the best tax regimes and also is a very politically stable place in this region of the world makes it a great spot for wealth.

Most of the rich in the region will place their cash right here in Singapore.

Either to keep them away from their own government or to ensure that deflation of their home currency will not affect their wealth.

Singapore also has one of the highest concentration of highly qualified financial personnel, attracted to Singapore for this very purpose.

Fund Management is up and coming and will continue to grow as Singapore becomes one of the biggest hubs for wealth in the world.

8. Education Technology (EdTech)

Photo by Robo Wunderkind on Unsplash


Singaporeans spend a ton of money on their children’s education.

Education technology is definitely a good new direction for anyone who wants to get into the game of education in Singapore.

With Covid-19 causing more difficulties for face to face classes, Edtech is the way to go right now.

If you are able to come up with a good Mobile Application for your business to run anywhere and any time, you will gain that extra edge over your competitors.

We are partners with Originally Us, Singapore’s best Mobile Application Developers, let us know if you need an introduction.

There are also businesses in education that are meant for the young especially in Phonics Singapore and Singapore Playgroups.

One of the top upcoming Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

9. Live Streaming

Photo by Jesus Loves Austin on Unsplash


In the generation of Social Media Marketing, Live Streaming on YouTube and Facebook has become so popular.

The live streaming industry has created many great sales people online.

You can sell virtually anything if you are entertaining and fun.

Most end up selling products of basically E-Commerce items.

Live Streaming for sales has become a very popular means of making money especially during the lockdowns in Singapore and around the world.

10. New Age Food Sources

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


Why do i say new age, because there are so many ways that you can produce food now.

There are new technology that are coming up from 3D printing food sources such as meats and vegetables.

In Singapore there is a lot of funding going around to secure Singapore’s food sources.

So as a country, we are sure to be keen to work on ensuring that Singapore is able to get some form of food independence.

11. Cleaning Services

11. Great Business Ideas to Start in Singapore: Cleaning Services

Weird choice to have cleaning services listed right?

But cleaning is an industry in Singapore that has been very reliant on manpower and something that needs to be updated.

Most cleaning industry players use elderly staff or foreigners to do the work but there are still many methods for you to save up on manpower cost.

Innovations in cleaning and also more efficient cleaning methods can still help you to grow this industry.

Our friends at Cleaning Hero can help you in Singapore.

12. Regional Business Coordination

Best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore: Regional Business Coordination

Singapore is currently housed in the middle of the next engine of economic growth of the world.

South East Asia, home to Indonesia, the 4th largest population in the world is likely take off in this coming decades. Together with economies such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

Singapore is the core player for South East Asian economic growth and this is one of the best things that you can do in Singapore.

By being present in Singapore and having contacts in the region, you can help to do some production work or even some form of manufacturing work before they are shipped to the world from Singapore.

Coordinating for all forms of business and taking advantage of the regional growth is one of the best ideas you can think of!

13. Air Conditioning Servicing

Brilliant Business Ideas to Start in Singapore: Air Conditioning Servicing

Surprised to see this on the list?

This work needs some skill sets but not crazy amounts of it.

But guess what is crazy, there are SO MANY Air Conditioners working in Singapore at this very moment because of the high daily temperatures of Singapore.

With that many Air conditioners turned on, comes the need for servicing.

Servicing also has to occur every 3-6 months which is great recurring income for the business owners!

14. Mobile App Development

mobile app development

Almost every other thing is purchased or transacted over mobile right now.

The mobile phone has become ubiquitous and there are many applications that take advantage of.

This is one of the best things to work on and also to have for your business.

Businesses can grow with a good well developed mobile application.

There are many good mobile application developers like Originally Us, they are able to do IOS App Development and Android App Development.

Pick up the skills from online platforms or even YouTube to become a developer today!

15. Graphic Design

graphic design

Singapore is heavy on marketing.

With many businesses around Singapore and needing their work to be placed in front of eye balls, Graphic design has become very important.

To have good graphics means to have good attention and good attention means good marketing and more leads and more income.

Good graphic designers are not easy to come by and people are willing to pay top dollar for such good work.

16. Interior Design

interior design

There are many HDB apartments and condominiums in Singapore a small island that fits more than 5 million people.

The demand for interior designers is always high and the need for such services will only grow as the young and affluent spend more on design interior styles and looks.

If you are someone who can design well, this is a good option to start off on.

Get yourself trained in drawing interior design work and get someone to do the contracting work, you will be rolling in dough very soon!

17. Internet Cyber Security Consulting

cyber security

Singapore is heavy on IT infrastructure, with this comes the risk of getting cyber attacked.

Cyber attacks are more rampant and can cause serious damage to your business.

Running a business means you need to ensure good running operations and if you are high by cyber attacks, things can get nasty.

Cyber security is currently very hot and good business with much demands for the protection work for many businesses.

18. Grant Consulting

grant consultancy

Singapore government likes to incentivize businesses to take on new technology to improve productivity and the likes.

But grants can be quite difficult to get right. With most business owners not having the time or for some the level of education to get the proper documentations done, it can mean missed opportunities.

This gives rise to grant consultants that can help with drafting grant contracts and getting things done for the business owners.


19. Debt Collection

debt collection

Where there are many businesses, there are definitely those that do not pay up for their goods and services.

When you do not pay up, there is a need for debt collection.

Debt Collection has become a very popular field this couple of years with many business owners defaulting on payment.

This is something that can bring the debt collector good money but it is very hard work.

One needs to be careful when doing debt collection though, because the law does have anti harassment clauses and debt collectors need to be careful of their methods.

20. Pet Grooming

pet grooming

Singaporeans love their pets!

This is one thing that we see very common in Singapore.

With so many different beautiful breeds of dogs and cats in Singapore, the pet grooming business is bustling.

For someone who loves pets, you could also set up a home based or if not a neighbourhood based pet grooming business to help this owner keep their pets in tip top condition.

This will need some training and also a steady pair of hands. You wont want to hurt this cute little furry animals.

21. Bookkeeping Services

bookkeeping services

With many business, comes the need for accounting and bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping is something that is not too difficult to pick up but very time consuming.

For those with accounting background, one could pick it up quite fast and for most businesses in this field, this is done freelance before becoming a more solid business.

One needs to ensure that their work is done according to the laws of Singapore and also not to miss out any important components when doing the Singapore Bookkeeping Services work.

22. Valet Services

valet services


Love driving? Love driving nice cars?

Singapore is a capital of nice sports car with many investment bankers and successful Entrepreneurs around.

Valet services for driving home someone who is drunk is probably one of the fun things you can do.

Get your hands on a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and you will enjoy this job so much!

23. Courier Services


courier services

Last mile services are something that has picked up so much with the rise of E-Commerce.

If you are someone who is in the courier line, you will definitely see a bigger boom going forward, as more and more people only shop online right now.

Retail is slowly becoming something of the past and if you are doing E-Commerce, you will need someone to courier your products to the customer.

Courier Services in Singapore definitely still has space for growth.

24. Translation Services

translation services

Translation services is something that is popular in Singapore.

The reason they are popular is also because there are many people who come to Singapore to take advantage of the laws here and will need translation of official documents.

For the Japanese or Korean businessmen to go around meeting clients, the translator will also be a very useful person to make sure everything was discussed properly.

Translation services will definitely be a boom sector going forward with more activity coming to South East Asia and Singapore.

25. Video Editing

video editing

With every marketing video put out, comes the need of someone who is good at doing up video editing.

Editing video is not something that is easy. You may have shot something good but if you do not edit it well, you will have wasted your efforts.

Video Editing is something that takes time and also talent and there are very few with such good talents.

If you are good at it you should set up shop and do video editing for businesses that wish to market their products or services.

26. Electronics Repair

Electronic Repair

Singapore is the land of electronics.

Most people here own a smart phone and also laptops.

When they drop it or something goes wrong from usage, they will need to seek your services out for electronics repair, you could do this at home even.

A good idea for someone who loves handy work and has time to spare to troubleshoot the problems for your customer.

27. Tuition Classes

PSLE Primary Tuition Singapore

Singapore is one of the top educational hubs.

With the strong emphasis on education, you will expect parents to be spending good amount of time and money on the educational needs of their children.

Education is big business in Singapore and together with it the tuition industry.

Some of the most popular items that you can focus on is:

  1. Primary PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore
  2. Primary PSLE English Tuition Singapore
  3. Primary PSLE Math Tuition Singapore
  4. Primary PSLE Science Tuition Singapore

28. Bus Transport Services

Bus Transport Services

Covid-19 was really bad for the transport industry in general.

Definitely so for those in the Bus Chartering Singapore sector.

There are lesser usage of Tour Coaches and this has translated to a much smaller industry with smaller players exiting the sector.

Why do we think its a good business to start?

With the return of visitors and tourist in the coming years, we expect this industry to boom with the vengeance of people starting to travel again.

Bus Rental Singapore will be at the forefront and boom time will come!

29. Swimming School

Swimming School

Swimming classes are very popular in Singapore.

Surrounded by the seas and oceans of the world, we are people who wishes to travel out to sea often.

Singapore is also popular for baby swimming and infant swimming classes as well.

If you are someone who is able to swim well and wants to teach people who want to learn to swim Singapore, you could consider having swimming lessons!


Singapore is one of the top locations in the world to start up businesses that are innovative and also with financial inclinations.

We at K Cloud Accounting work closely with our customers to deliver high quality accounting and corporate secretarial services.

If you require assistance in other help such as Singapore Corporate Gifts or Business Loan Brokering.

Speak to us now so that we can assist you with any help you need for your business.

29 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

15 Reasons to start a business in your 20s & Young

15 Reasons to start a business in your 20s & Young

15 Reasons to start a business in your 20s & Young – Aspiring to be an entrepreneur? Haven’t found the brilliant bright idea yet? A friend came by with a simple idea to sell something, should you take it up? Or maybe you should sit around and wait till you find the “Perfect” idea that can take over the world only to find out that someone in the UK, China or Japan has already started something similar.

My take on this topic is your should take up opportunity that comes you way and evaluate it on the way.

One of the best times to start your business is in your 20s (young in terms of human age but old enough to make good decisions) and we will like to share on this topic below base on some personal experience and also based off the experience of many who have became successful business man and entrepreneurs.

There are definitely many benefits and possibilities when you start your business young and in your 20s.

Waiting did not make the world greatest Entrepreneurs, starting early did. If you are someone who has a dream to be a successful business person, read on.

Let us now share on the article on “Reasons to start a business in your 20s & Young”.

1. University College degrees aren’t worth as much as in the past

In the 21st Century, the use of a degree has fell so much it doesn’t really matter anymore if you have a degree. Unless you are trying to get a job role that will require specialized skills such as those of a lawyer or a doctor, you will still see the value in a College education.

But for those that do not require a certificate, for example those in the business related niche, marketing or business degrees do not hold that much weight anymore.

Fact is someone who has self taught yourself marketing skill sets online and practice them as an intern or taking on freelance jobs might end up a better marketer than someone who has studied the 4 Ps and had not had a chance to actually put them into real world usage.

College degrees have basically became an entry ticket into your first job and the job experience and also what roles you have covered in your first job places much more importance than the actual degree or grades you achieved.

For those with degrees from very common schools such as accounting or business or marketing, you might find your degree not worth as much as those that require more hands on experiences that are harder to come by.

Gone are the days when you will definitely make it big with a degree.

2. Risk Levels are much lower in your 20s

This is definitely one of the key things that i as a 31 year old will share with you that i do not regret starting in my 20s. As you age and as your start a family and elderly parents get on with age, comes responsibilities.

The fact is that some people may have had the idea of starting a business when they are young but they put it off for safety and the comfort of employment. When they realize that this is something they don’t want to do forever, it might be hard for them to leave employment.

The first few things that will stop you is probably the bills you have to pay. For those in their 30s or their 40s, the likelihood of owning a house on mortgage or a car on loan is high. For those with children and many mouths to feed, it makes it even tougher than before to even think of trying anything new at all.

This means that you will have to make enough income every month before you could even consider quitting a full time job.

This stops 90% of people in their 30s or 40s from ever starting a new business and embarking on entrepreneurship at all.

3. Energy Level is much higher 

No one ever shares with you how tiring entrepreneurship can be.

There are many things that you have to take care of, such as the marketing, the accounting, the sales and also the hiring.

Someone who has no experience will have to learn on the job and learn everything from scratch.

When you reach the age of say 30 or 40s and you have children. Do you think you will have the same energy level of a 20 years old to pick up all this skills and at the same time caring for your 5 year old child?

Energy level also decline as you age and the older you are, the easier you will get tired from working long hours or having to socialize more to get more leads for your business.

Energy level also affects how long you can last in getting your business up to track.

If you are tired and wear out by the constant working and entertaining, you will end up giving up much earlier than you should.

To keep yourself going on and on for your business, your youth is extremely important and this is something that we will take close attention to.

For someone in their 50s or 60s, your body may not be able to handle the long hours and the outdoor time anymore.

4. Motivation Level is much higher

Almost every other day an entrepreneur gives up the fight and heads back to employment.

The fact is entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And for those who do not have the means of staying long enough in something, you will want to give up real soon.

Motivation to keep going can separate a failure from a success.

Sometimes, certain products or services just need to take time to hit the volume where it will actually work out.

Motivations to keep going on will fall as more responsibilities pile up and people have higher expectations for you as you age.

Also when you are young, more people around you will try to keep your going and motivate you. But when everyone is settled down, your friends may tell you to quit and stop trying!

5. More time to bounce back to employment

Everyone likes a good back up plan. Not all businesses succeed and not everyone is meant to be a business person.

If you start your new business young and you fail young, you still have time to head back to find a job with your college degree.

For some businesses, they might look at your resume as more of a gap year where you figure yourself out and will not treat it as much.

But if you are starting late in your age and try to find a job after, you might find it hard to get back.

Also, you know that when all else fails, you will not have problems finding a job as a young person.

Also going back to employment, after getting more experience and funds, you could even try again!

One of the few good reasons why you should be starting your new business when you are young in your 20s.

6. Safety nets are still somewhat in place

Safety nets are really what will allow you to even start a business in the first place. Starting your own business when you are young gives you an extra safety.

If your parents or elder siblings are still around and making good income, they might be able to still keep you in their house and paying for your utilities while you try to figure your way around your new business.

For those who have rent to pay and car payments to look after, they might not have this safety net to let them start their businesses in peace.

When you are older, your parents are also much older and more concerned about retirement and may dissuade you on pursuing your business dreams.

Even The Rock Dwayne Johnson moved back home when he was younger because he failed. Right now he is the leading actor and also a Serial Entrepreneur.

7. Timing to start a business will never be perfect

“I want to wait till i think up the most awesome idea”. Sound familiar? I’ve heard this line at least a hundred times. Trust me, they all end up not starting something.

There will never be a perfect time to start a business and never a perfect idea. You jump into it and start putting out fire from day one.

After multiple weeks or years of putting out fire, you might find yourself at the top of the game or pressing the restart button.

Fact is you might change your ideas or start new ideas along the way as you learn more about your industry or learn more about new ideas out there in the highly innovative world.

Pivoting like what many founders will like to call it is better than never founding.

Procrastination will be your biggest regret in life if you do not take the leap early.

If you want to start something on your own and have always dreamed of being a boss.

Its now or never, never wait and never ever go for second best.

8. Being young and new is great for innovation

Being new to the game is a great thing. You can challenge the norm and start new things and try new things that your older counterparts have not tried.

The young are usually more likely to push new barriers and get into newer way of doing things and this is great for business.

Innovation that improves your processing time and cuts cost will always give you the advantage over others in this entrepreneurship game in the long term.

For those who have done things in a certain way and see its benefit might find it hard to change.

Change is the only constant and we should always look towards making chances in life where we will improve either the productivity or a better standard of living.

9. Failing forward and Failing better

Most people seem to think that familiar is the most sinister thing one can experience.

Most do not understand that with each failure, the founder learns something (unless of course you are someone who likes to commit mistakes over and over again.

Failing can be a very sobering thing and a great learning opportunity. Especially if you are someone who will sit down and analyze why you failed in the first place.

For those who fail forward, they will not make the same mistake the next round.

Starting your business in your 20s gives you more time to fail forward and fail better.

This leads to a more successful business venture later in your life and better success in your entrepreneurship.

10. Older entrepreneurs like to support young entrepreneurs

Ask any business owner in their 50s and they will say they will love to support you as a young chap trying to get on your feet.

They have been there and done the same thing and they know how tough it is to be running a business when you are young.

For someone who is running a business in their 20s, you have no contacts and no experience, things are really tough and the older business owners will actually be very supportive of your plight.

They will prefer to work closely with you to give you this chance.

But do not squander it for yourself or others, they might end up not trusting you people if you fail them.

11. Momentum, Momentum, Momentum

Nothing stops people from getting things done than the very heavy I word, Inertia.

The fact is that someone who starts young have a much bigger momentum in place to keep going and to keep going upwards.

For someone who has not founded anything when they are young, the inertia to start will be so great that taking a nap might seem more appealing than being the next potential Billionaire!

When you think about momentum, when it comes to even stock trading, it takes compounding to get more money.

Same for you, your experiences, your contacts and your funds will compound with time as it builds up momentum!

Momentum keeps things going and it makes it hard to stop. This is one of the good reasons to keep going and start moving!

12. Easier to find mentors to guide and help you

Back to point 10, older entrepreneurs are more likely to want to work with a young person who doesn’t really have a fixed mindset yet.

The problem with many people as they age is not that they are not willing to learn but how hard it is to unlearn something they have already been doing for many years.

Habits are hard to break and this is something mentors will look out for, this is not the key to getting a mentor but youthfulness helps!

Mentors can make or break someone who is doing well. If you have someone who can teach you what to look out for and what to avoid, you can get there much faster than others.

One of the definite best reasons to start your business young in your 20s

13. There’s no “perfect” idea

The fact is that almost all different form of problems and ideas to solve it has come up once or twice or ready.

You cannot exactly rework the wheel and say that you solved an age old problem unless you are someone who is sitting in labs and testing new ways of cracking the Covid-19 virus.

But as someone who is based at home and trying to think up of great new ideas for a start-up business, i can assure you, you are not the first to think up of an app that is use SOLELY for this particular purpose and think that it’s going to make you a millionaire or the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Don’t wait, if you think the idea makes some sense, or you are offered an opportunity on a brick and mortar business, take it up!

Make your first pot of gold first then maybe looking into something that might revolutionize things.

Those who are always waiting for the perfect idea, just move on from them, it will never happen!

14. You figure out what you are good at and what you are not 

The fact that you are young. You think you are good at everything.

The pride and the ego of youth makes you feel like you are a great person at marketing, you are great at leading a team.

You also think you are great at sales.

But the fact is you will eventually find out that you are only good at just that one or two things.

Others will have to step in to assist you where you have weaknesses and this is how it works!

15. You figure out what type of Business & Life Partner you need

Starting alone means you can move fast.

But if you really want to move far, you need to have good business partners to cover your weaknesses.

Along the way, you find out who is your perfect business partner and will do better with them.

Along the way as you date more people, you will also figure out, as an entrepreneur, who is suitable for you.

Understanding and kind is what an entrepreneur needs.

For you will have to burn many nights to bring your business to where it deserves to be.

K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore based accounting services firm using Xero Accounting Software.

We provide monthly accounting services for SMEs and also Corporate Secretarial Services for Singapore Firms.

Our monthly bookkeeping services Singapore packages also include Taxation services as well as Compilation of Financial Reporting Services.

If you require a partner to get your business going in Singapore, you can speak to us at K Cloud Accounting.

Our friends at Emerges-Plus is our trusted Singapore Cabling Contractors.

Our friends at Cleaning Hero is our trusted Commercial Cleaning Services partners.

Thank you for reading our article on “Reasons to start a business in your 20s & Young”.

We will strongly encourage you to start your business young and in your 20s.

15 Reasons to start a business in your 20s & Young

24 business ideas that you can start young in your 20s

24 business ideas that you can start young in your 20s

24 business ideas that you can start young in your 20s – There are many people who want to be their own boss but many people do no understand that it does not need to be the point where you have a good idea and then you start working on it. You can start something small from services and build up from there. There are many services that can be offered and if you are willing to learn and willing to try, you can make some income on the side.

There are things in your 20s that you can pick up on for you to start your entrepreneurship journey. As an Young Entrepreneur, many opportunities are available for you!

For most, starting up is tough due to the lack of capital, so the ideas that we are sharing will be those that do not require that much capital to start off.

For those who are not aware, most of the wealthy people in this world do not just start a business and they hit the jackpot. They go through a lot of failed ventures and failures in life before they hit success in one good business.

So before you hit that jackpot, you should be developing a strong set of skills that will help you eventually winning in this game of life and business.

So what are some of the 24 business ideas that you can start young in your 20s, that will help you to grow wealth and be successful when you are able to get more done.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a huge space in the business world right now. Gone are the days when you pay good money to have your advertisement show on the television and you will gain good purchases and also brand recognition.

The tv and news outlets are losing its shine with the advent of social media and social media and digital media marketing has become the new in thing where businesses will tap on to show case their products and also to funnel people into buying their products.

There are many different forms of digital marketing, there is Facebook and Instagram Marketing, There is linkedin marketing for professionals, there is Google SEO marketing, there is Google Adwords marketing.

There is also marketing through influencers and blogging. There are so many forms of digital marketing that you can choose from.

The fact is picking up each of this skills takes quite a bit of time. Being trained in it doesn’t make you really good. When you have run a few campaigns and optimized campaigns, that is when you really learn and are equipped with proper skills.

YouTube is definitely one of the best places to pick up the basics but you will need a lot of practice to get yourself up to speed on what is required of you in the new and evolving market.

Pick up one of this skills, get really good at it, offer to help someone for free for portfolio and then you will be able to see yourself climbing up the ladder as you get better and can charge more for the amount of work you do for your clients.

2. Consulting Services

Are you someone who is really good at getting a certain food item done up in a certain manner. Or are you able to design something really special in a certain manner. SME Consulting work can be quite a lucrative business if you know someone that someone else doesn’t. When that comes into play, people are willing to pay you hundred if not thousands just to give them advice on how to save time or effort or even just helping get something done.

Connected to someone who is going to help their business? Great, one phone call from you and they close their deal and you get the consulting fees of introducing business, it is that easy. Networking can pay off if you have a good relationship with many people and when you want to connect with people you will be able to spread this note out to others and get more things done for the whole industry!

For those with banking experiences you can consider SME Loan Broker Services.

3. Music Training

Parents sent you for music training when you are young? You have a diploma in it? Great, you are probably good enough to teach the next generation of people. This is a good business as a teacher because you can charge hundreds on ends and you will probably be needed for months or years to get them to a certain stage.

Use this training to build up wealth before you reinvest in other forms of business when you have the opportunity to.

For those who do have the spare time and wish to teach multiple students, you might even be on course to opening your own school in the long term.

Music training can cost quite a bit and eventually when you have your own school, hire more teachers to scale this business up.

Do note waste the money that your parents have paid to get your trained up in instruments, definitely something that most young people in their 20s can do and one of the best “Business ideas that you can start in your 20s”.

4. Sports Training

Parents sent you for sports training like swimming, tennis or golf?

This is a high value skill as well. The sports that the rich want to get in to but did not have a chance when they were younger because of poor background.

They will love to pay you good money to start working on this sports that will help them to meet other people who are into this sports, especially golf where you will be able to network.

Sports are a great way to work out and at the same time make money, if you are able to recruit a few good trainers and do good marketing to generate that extra income, you can gain a lot more from starting this Sports Training business when you are young.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a good way to have a side income. There are many bloggers with a good interest in something and they have ads that will keep them going for a full time role as a blogger. Blogging can be a very fun activity that everyone can take part in and when you have something that people will want to read about, you get something that is special for your own development and also wealth building.

This blogging interest can also translate into a YouTube channel that can bring you further into this journey of making money online.

Through the various ways of monetizing, the most popular being Google AdSense, you can write content that brings in lots of readership and therefore potential sponsorship through the AdSense network. The ads will be served based on how relevant they are to your site and also through re-targeting which many advertisement platforms function in this manner.

Beyond just Google adsense, you can also get sponsorships. Sponsorships from business owners that want to reach your readers.

Always make sure to make your content interesting and informative so that you will always gain the benefits of having strong readership for you to monetize.

6. YouTubing

Youtubers are making millions from ad revenue nowadays and they have very interesting content that they can do for most people to be entertained. If you have something that you have interest in and you think that other people will be interested in it, you might have hit the jackpot of it.

There are quite a few popular YouTubers who have came up with very interesting content that others don’t and even some gamers have managed to take advantage of the advertisements from the streaming service to get some income and work on this roles full time.

Someone that i follow because i am a strategy gaming fan is GamerZakh, for people who have grown up playing the likes of Age of Empire or Caesar 3, this YouTuber have been replaying games and allowing those who miss this games or are restarting to learn about strategies they did not know.

Work on getting your video quality up to date and also work on giving good advice to people who may want to learn something online and this is a good avenue of making great wealth.

7. Website Design 

This is something that most young and technologically savvy person can pick up quite easily. The fact is that setting up a website is not that difficult but definitely time consuming.

If you were to want to take up website design and development, you could always start off with WordPress. This platform is easy to work with and also easy to pick up.

Someone without much skill sets with coding can also learn to design a simple website with WordPress or Wix.

WordPress is easy to change in terms of design and customization, the base design is usually already done up if you use a template and this comes relatively cheap at roughly $50 USD.

If you are not someone who is good at design or writing code, find yourself a freelancer or find yourself a business partner.

You can do the sale and design and get someone behind on the codes.

8. Instagram Influencer or Instagram Reposting

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with many of the world’s eye balls on it.

Facebook bought this platform over with the main goal of pushing more of its advertisements onto the Instagram Platform.

With the rise of Instagram, comes the rise of the social media influencer group.

Instagram is one of the best places to start as an influencer to make extra cash from sponsor post and also in helping each other get famous.

Influencers with a good and special niche may be able to make 5 to 6 digit incomes over the year.

If you are not someone who is savvy, you could also do a repost account and help those who wish to gain more followers grow their accounts.

9. Live Streaming on Facebook to sell products 

Live streaming has become a very popular way of selling certain products.

Electronics and fruits is one of the ways that Singaporean young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of in selling their items.

This is also a great way to reach out to more people in the online sphere.

Live streaming is also a free way to get more attention and eyeballs from new clients.

Using various methods such as free gifts for staying throughout the the whole live streaming and also to share your link, it can be a very effective way of selling online.

Most of the people who do get started also use incentives to get the viewers to share their streams so that they can take part in some games.

This are a few ways to keep your crowd growing and make more money.

10. Mobile Application Development

Picking up mobile application development is not so clear cut, skills needed will definitely involve some coding since you will need to understand how certain functions work.

Mobile Application Design and Development is slightly more complicated than Website Design and Development but than again, there are people that you could work with closely.

Freelancers are cost saving to get things done but you should consider working with a Singapore Mobile Application Agency if you want to get it done out nicely.

Learning through many online platforms is another way of picking up Mobile Application Development skills.

This is a skill set that can be learn young and will be useful if you want to start your business young.

11. Wedding Planning

For someone in your 20s, you may not know much about getting married but you definitely can attend a few.

Usually for such work, you should work for someone for a couple of months to a year to pick up the contacts and also some of the tricks of the trade.

Coordinating a wedding is a very taxing thing and many people will rather outsource this parts so that they can focus on doing the happy bits which is to come and have it all well planned and executed by you.

Wedding planners can be quite a lucrative work and being a very personal thing, most wedding planners will end up being great friends with the bride.

Easy to set up and good and lucrative service line business to go into! Definitely one of the most accessible “business ideas that you can start young in your 20s”.

12. Baking

For those that are under lockdown, this is something that you can experiment with.

All you need is YouTube to pick up some baking skills and an oven.

The truth is you need to trial on error and keep going on to find out the best mix to find the best recipe for your baking journey.

Cookies or cakes are great starts. If it works out, start your chain!

13. E-commerce

Something that most young people can definitely get into is the e-commerce boom, the fact that there are platforms such as Amazon or own hosting on Shopify is one of the best ways for your to start your online business.

E-Commerce is one of the best way to kick off your entrepreneurship. Especially if you are someone who knows that people wants and know how to market them on the social media platforms.

You can come up with your own designs and get them printed and delivered to you or your customer doorsteps within a few weeks and you have your own business going!

E-Commerce takes a long time to grow, so you might want to consider this as one of your business ideas to start young.

14. Drop shipping

Not that much different from E-Commerce, dropshipping basically means you buy from one site to sell on another and making the margins, the difference is you do not need to have your own brand neither your own stock.

You do not need to spend money printing your logos but taking advantage of the difference in prices between your buying from a China based site such as Taobao or Aliexpress, then reselling it over to someone who bought from one of your pages you designed.

Most people sell practical household items and also fashion items so that they do not need to have a branding as long as the item looks good and is useful.

Drop shipping is very popular on platforms such as E-Bay and Amazon now with websites like Aliexpress supporting this form of E-Commerce trading.

15. Private Tuition

Singapore has one of the most established private tuition market and with the tough education system in Singapore, the market for this is huge.

For those who are great in their academics and also have a way in doing well in exams, you can set up shop to teach students the way around to get good results.

This can be quite a strong venture if you have a good branding and support from parents of previous students.

Word of mouth can be great marketing for you if you want to start this business young and in your 20s.

Definitely one of the best thing you can go for, are Best Phonics Class Singapore for children to learn to read Singapore.

16. Photo or Video Editing

There are many famous photographers in Singapore. But not many of them have the time to work on their photo editing.

If you are someone who is great with your photo editing skills, you could offer them service at a price.

Photo editing if you are experienced at it can be a half day thing to edit photos for a wedding or an event.

This is great income for a young person who might even be able to outsource a small portion of it to freelancers overseas!

17. Cleaning Services

Most people can do cleaning work. But not everyone can do a good cleaning job.

Cleaning can also mean not just you doing the work. You could activate some friends or hire some people to assist you in this job.

Your role is to ensure that work gets done. This is a great business to start off because if you are a someone who is organized and love to clean, it will be a great choice for you to start this business when you are still young.

Once you build up a good customer base, hire someone, but make sure they are reliable and keep growing the business to make it a multi million dollar business!

There are definitely businesses that need workplace cleaning and people who need residential home cleaning.

Managing a group of cleaners may be tough because of the sheer number of humans required to get all the job done but this is actually quite a simple business to keep going, because, like we all need food to live, we need to clean after ourselves.

18. Research Work

The fact is, when you are young, other than your studies, you have quite a bit of free time on hand. This means you can spend your time doing some other stuff that adults do not have the liberty to.

This includes free time to search the web for information that might be useful for someone who wants to hire you.

Research work online or going to the library to pull out information for someone who wants to hire you to do that can make you a great help.

One other way is of course to speak to people in universities doing their masters or doctorates, or even those in their bachelor degrees.

They may not have the time to find that particular research to support their paper.

Your services may be useful for them!

19. Resell Cosmetic brands in your country

Do you know of a good cosmetic brand that is not carried in your country?

Some good brands may not be big brands and therefore do not have a global presence.

They may still be keen to work with you to help them do more sales.

You should of course be a fan of this products before you do such a reselling act.

Our friends at Biologique Recherche Singapore are an example of this.

20. Outsource sales team

Are you able to convince a group of friends to come together to do sales?

Forming a sales team allows you to jump onto new products fast.

Are you able to build a database to sell anything from electricity to household products?

Form that team and build that up so that you can sell anything that is able to make you guys money!

21. Valet Services

Do you like to drink?

Drinking is a popular social activity and the fact is, most people like to drive their cars out to drinks because we all know, no one expects to get drunk.

Drink Driving has become a big issue not just in Singapore but around the world.

For those who run their own business or are in the sales line, they will not want to risk their licenses for a nigh of fun.

As long as you are 18 years old and can bring along a bunch of friends who are keen to drive late into the nigh for some good money, you can start the services.

Do some SEO to bring your website up in your region, or go around the bars and give out flyers, you will soon be running a successful valet business.

22. T-Shirt Printing & Lanyard Printing

Every company needs an attire for their business.

Especially if you are working in F&B and retail. Your team will definitely need attires.

There are many other organization that needs this form of printing needs. And having a T-Shirt Printing company may be something that is quite easy for a young person to join in.

You do not really need to have a printing machine to do it, you could be getting the designs and coordinating with the printers to get things done for your customers.

The good thing is, most start during their educational years because students need class t-shirts and your sports team needs uniforms.

Similar to T-Shirt Printing, Lanyard Printing is also something that you can work on, on top of just printing a single item.

singapore corporate gift

23. Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts are the most important things for a business to build a strong branding effort with their customers.

But for corporate gifts to stand out, you need to be able to customize your items.

The good thing is there are many customized corporate gifts right now you can do with your favored Singapore corporate gifts vendors

Corporate Gifts are also easy to enter, find your customer and find a printer and supply to get things done for your deal!

Always be ready to give the best to your customers and employees to make sure you have strong brand and company loyalty!

24. Education Business

Education is always in fashion. Parents are willing to pay to help their children improve their education and this is something that will only grow as the knowledge economy becomes even more competitive.

For those that get into good schools and have a good education, they will likely be making more income than those that did not go to the good schools that will open their opportunities up.

Having a great education for PSLE Primary Math Tuition Singapore and Primary PSLE Chinese Tuition Singapore is important for your child overall growth.

Education and tuition is one of the most popular businesses especially in Asia, places like Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan are crazy over tuition and supplementary classes.

If you eventually will like to incorporate your company in Singapore to take advantage of its location in South East Asia and also low tax structures, you can contact the team at K Cloud Accounting Pte Ltd that provides full suite accounting services for Singapore businesses and also full suite tax and corporate secretarial services.

As a Young Entrepreneur in Singapore, you will want to work something out when you are much younger so that you can have an easier time as you go forward.

We wish you all the best on your entrepreneurial journey and to great wealth and prosperity for all business owners who are working hard to improve their life.

K Cloud Accounting is keen to assist you in your business journey by assisting with your Singapore Accounting Services.

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24 business ideas that you can start young in your 20s