Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget – Most people want to start their own business. The idea of working for yourself and putting in all the effort and getting paid for your own effort is the goal for many.

For most, you may not have the budget to start off a business that may cost you too much to run.

We are here today to share some of the ideas that we believe will be able to help you start without much down.

Let us now share the list of 27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget:



1. Drop shipping

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Saw something on AliExpress that you think will interest the people in your Community?

Drop Shipping is a very popular method of making money and starting out an E-Commerce Business right now.

China has some of the cheapest and weirdest things that can help you to sell for much profit.

The items that may cost you $1 to buy and deliver to your customers can be resold at $5 for a good $4 profit, without you even needing to do much work?

Set up a website! Market the item on Facebook or Instagram! Purchase on AliExpress when there’s an order! Job done!

Definitely one of the top Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget.


2. Design and Print T-Shirt

Have some design skills?

Able to Act Fast?

Is there a new social media idea that came about and you want to print it on a T-Shirt to wear.

Be Someone who is always ahead of the curve and design something that is fashionable and at the same time up to date with the news.

Selling them at $25 a piece will likely get you quite a number of income!

Fun to do it too!

Print your own T-Shirts today!

Top favorite Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget.


3. Online Courses

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Preparing and teach online courses is the sure fire way to make lot of income.

The internet is vast with many users.

There are definitely things that you know better than others, turn it into a course and place them online for a price!

You will be able to reach people from around the world as well and this is great for someone that you prepare once and reach many people

The exponential growth is likely something that will help you grow and go far!

Good idea in this time and age to learn SEO through Singapore SEO Course and Classes.


4. Party/Club Promoter

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Are you someone who loves to club and party?

Are you also well connected with the bouncers and even maybe the owners or marketing people of the club.

Club promoters are needing to bring people in to party.

Party promoters are also very well paid because we all know a good promoter can bring in all the good paying people to spend in the club!

We also think, once Covid-19 is over and parties start again, people are going to party with a vengeance!

And who does not like to be treated like a VIP by a party promoter!


5. Blogging/Vlogging

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Blogging has become quite the lifestyle for many people who are staying at home.

Write about food, write about travels or even just pure random things!

There are so many things that can draw eyeballs and if you know some SEO, you can probably optimize for an article to rank!

With that ranking, you can either promote some brands and businesses or get yourself hooked up to Google AdSense and earn some advertising dollars.

One of our friends on The Random Singaporean, they write about anything that happens in Singapore, you can do something similar too!

Great way to scale and grow with more content and more traffic coming onto your website.


6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, something that got really popular in yesteryears but still a very well paid work.

Do you enjoy blogging and have a good base of readers?

Bloggers with a certain theme of writing might be keen to get themselves exposed to the marketing departments of businesses.

Some businesses may be keen to let you review and write about them and if you send traffic and business their way, to even pay you a good sum.

This is one of the best ways to make income for helping others sell their online purchases.

With technology they can also track that this traffic comes from you and will give you the necessary payments!


7. Social Media Influencer

Social media is the big thing right now.

Someone who has lots of followers is able to use that influence to get people to buy things or to visit a certain place.

One of the key things that most people don’t realize is that you can use the influence to do your own business or sell that for a fee.

Get to associate with a brand that you trust and like and you may not need to worry about income.

Just focus on making great content so that your followers will continuously engage with you!


8. YouTube Personality

27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Similar to the Social Media Influencer, the YouTube personality are even more popular than some actors and actresses nowadays.

They get so much attention on YouTube and grow day by day with the algorithm helping them grow when they make great content.

This is something that most people do not realize but is a great resource for those who wish to become famous and grow their outreach.

Businesses can use such YouTube Personalities to grow their brand and also reach out to new markets!


9. Virtual Assistant

Most city goers are busy nowadays.

Entrepreneurs and high powered managers have even less time.

Hiring a personal assistant in Singapore may cost you way more money than if you got a virtual assistant.

Need to have a meeting scheduled? Send it to your VA and its done.

Need to book a restaurant or some flight tickets? Send it to your virtual assistant and it is done too!


10. Business Consultant

Do you have strength in say marketing?

Or are you a supply chain wizard?

Consultant business and let them know how they can improve on some business processes.

When such projects are done and improvements made, you will be able to bring home a handsome sum for your business consultancy work.


11. Graphic Designer

Every business needs design work.

Their logo or their brochure may need a fresh new look and if you are someone who has good design sense and able to make good work.

You will be in demand as the world right now are very focused on good design and design should also be something that sets you apart!


12. Website Designer

27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

A good website is like a beautiful modern shop front.

Shop fronts look good for customers to enter.

So must your website design to get the attention of your customers.

Your customer who are happy with your website design will be more keen to read the content of your website and this is true for most online businesses in today’s world!


13. Dance Coach

Are you a professional dancer? Or really good at it?

You may be keen on teaching children how to dance.

Dancing is something that should be learn young and many parents are willing to pay top dollar for a good dance coach.

Whether you do it in a class or privately, this is bound to make good income.


14. Music Coach

Similar to dance, music instruments are something that many people will pay good money to learn.

Guitar or singing are just a few of the musical classes you can go for.

Some of the top music coaches charge hundreds of dollars per class to learn from them.


15. Translator

If you know 2 or 3 or even more languages, this is something for you.

You can help with doing live translation if you are really good with your languages or you could help with articles or document translations.

Be really sure with your work and you may even get to work with the government.

Now there are definitely more reasons to pick up multiple languages!


16. Data Entry Services

Some people need work to be keyed into systems.

Some data needs to be kept neatly.

Name Card details need to be stored well.

One of the few things that some business owners do not have is time.

Help them out with their data entry and get paid well for it!


17. Ghost Writer

You can write really well. You have a lot of content, but you are not someone who is popular and therefore no one will buy from you.

You could instead be a ghost writer for someone who is popular and may need some writing done for them.

Some famous people will like to write autobiographies or they may have some ideas they wish to pen into a book.

That is where a Ghost Writer comes into play.


18. Resume Writer

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Some people are good at their craft and good at their studies.

But one thing they are really bad at is to write a good resume.

Resumes are important for you to find work and also a good resume will help you stand out from the others.

A professional resume writer will therefore be able to consult his or her client to help them write a good one.

Top dollar can be charged for a well formatted and well written resume for your customer.


19. Event Planner

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Are you someone who is meticulous and enjoy running large scale events?

Events can be really tough to run because there are some many moving parts.

You will also likely need to run a few items that require you to manage vendors.


20. Wedding Planner

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Not many people enjoy planning a wedding.

Wedding planning can be a long journey and other than getting vendors and getting your location.

You will probably need to make sure everything goes smooth on that day as well.

You as their wedding planner can smooth this out and make a good income as someone who is experienced in doing so!


21. Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning is a tough thing, you are able to do most of the cleaning quite easily.

When there are occasions where the home needs to be clean, you can step in to help.

Charge a good sum of money and you are on your way to make good income for that!


22. Office Cleaning

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Office Cleaning can be fixed work that can happen every other day or week.

Most bosses do not really enjoy breathing down you neck which makes life easier as an office cleaner.

If you are someone who enjoys cleaning, you can get to see a clean office within a few hours of your work.

Office Cleaning Services that will definitely make you good consistent income.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning services company, you can call them too.


23. Bookkeeping Services

Are you someone who knows accounting?

Accounting work for your bookkeeping services is something that most people with some training can do.

Every business needs to have their business bookkeeping done right every month.

So if you are able to do such work, you can find bookkeeping services jobs to help out and earn some income!


24. Tax Consultancy

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Tax season is coming and for most businesses or even individuals, they may not know how to go about it.

Tax consultancy is something that those who are trained are able to carry out.

Read up on the tax codes and get working on tax consultancy for individuals or business today!


25. Home Baker

Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

Do you enjoy baking?

Are you good at it and your baked items taste good?

You may be onto something.

Most of the famous bakers start from their homes and this is also a place where you have low cost of running your business.

You do not need to pay for rental and can bake at your own time.

You can make good income from selling to friends and family and slowly growing the business.


26. Baby Sitting

Do you have a cute baby? Or you enjoy spending time with babies?

Some working adults do not have time to care for their own because they need to work.

Then in this case, a baby sitter will be a great person to help with carrying for their child.

The child will likely be well taken care of if you are someone who loves and cares for babies!


27. Dog Sitting

Last but not least, dogs are a rare breed of pets.

They are the ones that love humans the most and most humans care for them too.

If you are away for some time, a dog sitter may be great to care for your dog children.

Find a good dog sitter that can ensure they are safe and healthy!


You can always start a business without any money, you just need hard work and your own effort to do it.

Find out more from this article as we will write more about Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget/


K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore Accounting Services provider.

We incorporate new Singapore Companies for potential entrepreneurs and assist with their tax and government obligations in Singapore.

If you need any help, drop us a call to find out more!


27 Business Ideas to Start with No Money Capital Or Budget

6 New Year's resolutions on how you could save money in Singapore

6 New Year’s resolutions on how you could save money in Singapore

6 New Year’s resolutions on how you could save money in Singapore – After blowing large sums of money during Christmas, be it on presents or your satisfaction, we’ll think it is time to set a new year’s resolution for saving up money. Some solutions worked out and helped you grow personally, while others might increase your financial stability. So, why are you unable to reach your new year’s resolution goals?

The most underlying problem lies in setting a big goal with no plan to execute it. Larger goals are harder to achieve, whereas easier ones are often discouraging.

By setting reasonable goals that are achievable but not too easy to reach, you could effectively save yourself money. Starting small to achieve a greater purpose is essential to building a lasting habit.

Alright, let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the point. Here are 6 tips to save money for a new year’s resolution in Singapore!

  1. Set a Budget

You should first set up a budget and stick to it to save money. It might not seem like it would affect much at first, but you’ll see yourself saving much more money than before once you delegate your expenditure down to a single dollar. With all of us having different financial situations, it is clear that there is no one size fits all budget for all of us to use.

With this in mind, you should find some time to sit down and create a budget plan that works best for you. Through writing down every financial information, you have and how much each one is. It gives you a top-down view of how much and where your money is going.

Try to sort things from what is essential first, like utilities, rent and stuff along those lines. Then dive deeper into what is vital to your survival first, like housing, food, water, and electricity.  After that, plan your expenses for other necessities like gas and clothing. The rest can be sorted into sinking funds, savings, and different categories specific to your needs. It takes a couple of tweaks with a couple of months to get it right, so don’t be discouraged if you have to shift your funds frequently.

  1. Add more funds to your retirement

Through adding funds to your retirement, be it under CPF (Central Provident Fund) or SRS (Supplementary Retirement Scheme) in Singapore. Placing a few dollars extra at a time could be a healthy habit to have as it sets aside some money that may seem financially uncomfortable for you now. But this would help you out in the long run in the future. You would be able to retire with more money than you would already have at the start. And with the high CPF Interest percentage for Singapore Citizens, it makes it all the more with it for you to invest in your retirement savings.

  1. Start saving for emergency funds

Before you fully invest in paying off your debt, securing at least one month worth of emergency savings is safer and much more urgent. An emergency savings fund could help you and your family survive financial hardship while keeping you from accumulating more debt while paying off your current ones. In addition to that, you should keep your emergency savings at a high yield savings account that you can access during emergencies.  With one month being the bare minimum, you should be saving. Experts typically recommend keeping at least three months’ worth of living expenses.

  1. Reduce your debt

With lesser debt, you will be able to decide where your money goes rather than sending most of your income to someone else for payments.  If you have a large sum of debts stored for you, order your debts from the highest interest rates to the lowest first and pay off debt from the highest first before reaching the lower ones as the longer interest accrues on a specific balance, the more you’ll have to pay this is also known as the debt avalanche method.

On the other hand, if you are having difficulty with your current bills, your resolution can be catching up to your invoices and settling your debt payoff in the next year or so. Once you pay the debts off, you would no longer have to make the minimum monthly payment you once have, so you could now repeat that by placing that amount to the next debt on the list.

  1. Invest some.

When you want to start investing, make sure you handle your financial picture first. So, get to know your spending, savings and taxes first, and after that, once you know how much you could invest, research the market trends within the company you are trying to support. With that, have a targeted asset allocation that could consist of the overall mix of stocks, bonds, and cash in your portfolio that you’re comfortable with, even in a down market. Bear in mind that it should be synchronized with your time frame, risk tolerance and the goals you set. With a longer time, frame, you’ll have to benefit from up and down markets in general potentially.

  1. Build your credit score

Last but not least, try to start building your credit score. The main reason to for the credit system is to create a place to give future lenders and creditors information about potential borrowers. This allows them to make informative decisions and weighing the risks of loaning money to you. With more credit score you could find yourself with much lesser interest rates and more banks that would try to reach out and lend their money to you. If you haven’t build your credit yet you might end up regretting it when you want to buy something big like financing for a car.


K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore Xero Accounting Services consultant.

Speak to us if you require monthly bookkeeping services in Singapore.

We also work closely with our friends from Cleaning Hero and SEO Geek to provide high quality services.


6 New Year’s resolutions on how you could save money in Singapore

Importance of Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Importance of Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Importance of Office Cleaning Services in Singapore – Whether you are a business person or a senior manager, we all know running a company is not an easy task.

There are many things that you need to watch out for and many corners that you need to care for.

There are so many things that can go wrong and so much attention you need to pay to all the corner of a business.

Taking for example the following:

Marketing – Something that you need to have your business continuously growing, you can do it in-house or outsource and you need to approve campaigns

Sales – If you are not the main salesperson, something is wrong, but at the same time you will need to hire a team of qualified and good salesperson and manage and motivate them which is not only time consuming but also needs a lot of skills

Accounting – If you are not trained, you can dream of doing this yourself, it is so much more worth it to outsource your accounting services Singapore to someone you know is able to do it, like K Cloud Accounting. Accounting can be something that takes up a lot of time and someone who is untrained may make many mistakes!

Human Resources – We all think hiring is easy, wait till you have to interview 10 over candidates to realize none of them are suitable for your company or the role and you will have to go through that a few times for more roles and also when the employees leave.

Payroll – Similar to accounting, not everyone is familiar with the newest laws for payroll and what are the figures to watch out for.

Office Cleaning – You are worth $100 or $1000 an hour doing sales or other operations stuff, but you decide to do cleaning which is worth $20 an hour. Something that most business owner do not realize is that they can be doing things that generate more sales and profits. Leave the office cleaning services to professional cleaning companies in Singapore! We will strongly recommend business owners to instead get their office to be cleaned once a week. If you have an office in changi business park office cleaning, leave it to us to!

Singapore Office Cleaning can help your staff to stay safe from Covid-19 and also it will help you lower your instances of staff falling sick.

A clean place also helps everyone to feel comfortable and safe. No one enjoys a dirty environment.

Everyone wants to work in a clean and nice place.

Workplace Cleaning Singapore is therefore very important!

K Cloud Accounting works closely with our partners that assist business with various needs and services.

If you are in need of certain services you can always get the contacts from our service staff at K Cloud Accounting.

Cleaning Hero is a partner of KCA and we hope our customers will provide their support!

Importance of Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Ideas for Corporate Tax Savings in Singapore

Ideas for Corporate Tax Savings in Singapore – You should never attempt to get into any tax evasion but we all know that tax planning is completely legal.

So what are some of the ideas and methods that you can take to help you to save on taxes in Singapore and how does that affect you as a business owner.

Singapore Corporate Income Tax rates:

Tax planning basically means, making plans for the year ahead and having some means to lower taxes in place before the work year starts and before it is over to save taxes through legal means.

Ideas for Corporate Tax Savings in Singapore

1. File in all your operational expenses 

Operational expenses are what you incur to make that particular revenue.

This is something that most businesses owners do not really bother with but can end up helping you save quite an amount of taxes.

When you are traveling due to work, you can include expenses for deduction through transportation expenses.

Your name cards can be part of marketing expenses.

Did you buy your client a drink or two? This could be entertainment expenses.

As long as the amount of expenses claimed are reasonable. You could include them for deductions.

Always remember to record them in for expenses and keep your receipts so that they do not go missing.

Little amounts adds up and can actually save you a ton of money.


2. Record losses where they are due, that can be carried forward

Not every year is a good year. Especially so for businesses that are starting up.

Startups usually will incur a few months or years of losses before they turn profitable.

So when you are experiencing losses at the start of the journey. Be sure to keep them on the books

So when you are making profits in the future, you can cut down on taxes.


3. Pay attention to your tax exemptions

Tax exemptions are available for startup companies in their first 3 years of operation.

This is something that is used to incentivize businesses starting up in Singapore.

The amount of tax exemptions can be quite lucrative if you add them up.

Also, from time to time the government of Singapore gives out good tax exemptions, especially during times of downturn.

Make sure to have a good Singapore Tax Consultant and Advisory Services Company to assist you with that.


K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore based Bookkeeping Services firm, assisting startups and SMEs with their business needs.

Speak to us for help in this fields. We also work closely with our friends from Avant Consulting to provide Singapore Business Loan Brokering and Advisory Services.


Ideas for Corporate Tax Savings in Singapore

Outlook for Singapore as we emerge from Covid-19

Outlook for Singapore as we emerge from Covid-19 – As Singapore is currently at 57% vaccination, we are going to hit 2/3 of our population getting vaccinated in a week or two.

We are able to approach this with a good set of governance scheme under the Singapore government but also with the discipline of the Singapore populace.

The government is expected to ease on the travel restrictions as we approach the “herd immunity” target.

What do you expect from the eventual easing of travel restrictions then?

This past two years has been very slow if not negative economic growth and this is something that has pent up much demand.

As the borders open, we will likely see a rebound in the following sectors as well

  1. Tourism and Hospitality
  2. Events
  3. Wedding Services
  4. Food & Beverages

This pandemic also showed how Singapore handled it very well and is likely to also attract even more wealthy individuals to relocate their wealth or their children to Singapore for their education.

We are likely to see strong growth in the wealth management field with the setting up of more family offices in Singapore as well.

Singapore with its strong wealth management field will not just see a growth in its assets under management but also property market is likely to receive more attention and will likely grow even better.

As the world also slowly recovers from the pandemic, trade will also be able to recover from the whole down turn due to the world’s economies going into lockdown over and over and many of the economies are hungry for growth again.

Once in a life time has this pandemic been for our generation but this is also the time when those businesses that have survived and managed to pull through this pull back will be able to recover much stronger than before and will be in the leading position to charge with the recovery of the economy.

K Cloud Accounting will be keen to work with anyone to do their business incorporation services as well as Bookkeeping in Singapore.

Outlook for Singapore as we emerge from Covid-19

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021/2022

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021/2022

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021/2022 – Covid-19 pandemic became a big issue in the year of 2020.

The business climate of the world has slowed down so much and have been stalling for quite a bit ever since.

Many people have lost their jobs and this is something of a concern. Especially those with families to feed, it becomes very tough if you do not seek some form of income to tide through tough times.

For those who have thought of doing something during the lockdown periods, they may have found a new business avenue.

There are definitely more staying at home and also for those who are more into entrepreneurship, the launch of brand new businesses.

So what are some of the ideas that we think will be great for a covid-19 startup.

Let us start on our article on “Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021”.

1. Home Baking & Cooking

home baking

Many people started baking and cooking at home.

Baking is something that can help you to sell some cakes and pastries so that you can share them with the world.

Pastries are not too difficult to prepare so starting up something like this is not too tough.

You will still need the influence to push them out to the market though, so it will most likely still need some form of marketing dollars.

This is also something you can just kick start with just an instagram account!

Or you could take the option of Halal Fish and Chips & Wester Food Delivery Singapore.

2. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the future.

The future of getting businesses to grow and have outreach to other people.

Digital marketing is part of the digitization process that the Singapore Government is strongly encouraging.

Are you someone who is good at getting people known, then this is one of the best ways to get it done.

Learn your digital marketing online from courses or YouTube and start offering businesses the means to reach their customers.

This few years, people are also very keen on learning SEO in Singapore and needing SEO Services Singapore.

Facebook, Google, Instagram and even LinkedIn, there are so many ways to get your business going!

3. E-Commerce


E-Commerce will only get bigger and bigger in the years to come.

Retail is sunset and with E-Commerce, you can sell anything from anywhere.

All you need is a way to market your product and you will be able to sell.

E-Commerce stores need a lot of branding and marketing and this is something you should pay good attention to so that you can do something about it.

Definitely a good idea to start during the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Dropshipping


Similar to E-Commerce, but instead of building a brand, get something more generic that you can just drop ship.

Dropshipping has become very popular with most business owners who are just starting out because they cost next to zero to run.

You need to really build up a good marketing machine to push out the sales.

Be prepared to spend some money on Facebook to push out your products!

5. Live Streaming Influencer

Live Streaming

Photo by Jesus Loves Austin on Unsplash

Live streaming became a very popular job during the Covid-19 pandemic. During lockdowns, people have nothing much to do but they need to be entertained.

This is something that most people will look forward to.

When you are home and wanting to get entertained and buy something, you look towards a live streaming influencer and you end up buying either really useful or useless things.

Live streaming has become a great thing for people who use this features on Facebook and Instagram to engage their crowds.

6. Education Technology

Education Technology

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, one of the worst hit are the education sector people.

Education has been badly hit because the best forms of education is when you can interact with the teacher and learn from them.

With zoom classes, it is just not as effective.

But with the covid-19 pandemic going on, one of the best business ideas you can work on is actually education technology.

Education technology helps people to learn even when at home and making things more interactive makes it easier for your child or yourself to learn.

Though it is tough, Singapore businesses are also use Education Technology to assist Courses for 2 Years old and Courses for 3 years old.

Childhood is a good time to Learn To Read Singapore.

7. Cloud Kitchens

cloud kitchen

Covid is the time when many people start to work from home.

Working from home and not having much time to actually cook or not even feeling like cooking will mean a lot of take outs.

For businesses that are trying to expand their online outreach and also their E-Commerce outreach for their food business, they could take on Cloud Kitchen options.

Cloud Kitchen allow you to expand to say a sector of Singapore without having a big presence.

Long story short, with a cloud kitchen operator, many businesses can rent a small space and let delivery people push your product to the area around that cloud kitchen.

This solves high rental problems and is a great way for this covid induced food delivery boom!

8. Consulting Services


Consulting on how to digitalize your business is boom time now.

There are so many businesses that do not have online presence and they do not know how to do it.

You as a consultant can come in to help them with setting up a website and social media presence.

You could also assist them with rebranding to keep them up to date when it comes to the new way of doing business.

9. Fitness and Wellness Programs and Apps

Fitness App

Quarantine means staying at home.

For those who need to exercise to keep themselves healthy and also to keep themselves mentally sane, they will choose to work out in the comfort of their homes.

You may have some equipment but not sure what to do with them.

Having a fitness app will definitely help those who want to learn and to work out with a fixed regime and help to achieve work out goals.

10. Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning

Retail shops and Food & Beverages businesses are making sure their venue are safe.

They do not want their venue to become marked as a Covid-19 hotspot.

For those who want to keep clean, they hire professional Singapore Commercial Cleaning Companies to help them to get things done the right way.

Sanitizing teams come in every other day to ensure everything is safe and clean.


11. Pet Products and Services

Pet Products and Services

Working from home and also staying home for quarantine lock downs means more people have a harder time emotionally.

With that, the number of pets being sold and adopted have risen quite a bit.

This is something that will definitely help many emotionally.

With that, expect pet grooming or other products and services to spike and move up because of the increase in number of pets this 1-2 years of covid pandemic.

12. Culinary Classes

Culinary Classes

Work from home, means eat from home.

Everyone who cannot really cook have pretty much learn how to do it to cut cost on deliveries and going out to buy takeaways.

Culinary online classes has been boom town and will likely keep growing as more people take up classes to learn new things.

If you are someone who knows how to cook and cook well, take advantage of that to teach cooking or you could even have a YouTube class on how to do it and make some advertising dollar!

13. Delivery Services

delivery services

Delivery is something that has strongly picked up.

No one wants to leave their home because of covid, even when it comes to getting food or groceries.

Opting to get someone to deliver it to their doorsteps means that you have much more opportunity if you are ready to do the hard work.

Delivery services for food or products are definitely going to build up with the push for more E-Commerce.

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic

14. Online Classes or Tutorials

Online Course

Physical classes are hard to come by, when you have to social distance and constantly having the fear of getting Covid.

Online Classes became the staple for many people. When it comes to classes, you can teach anything.

Things such as an online marketing skill or you might want to teach something to do with home cleaning.

You can run through many different forms of lessons that you can do online.

For those who are in Primary School doing their Primary Writing Class Singapore or needing PSLE Holiday Programmes Singapore, you can consider doing them online too!

Great things is, your students are not limited by boundaries and you will also be able to reach out to many many more students than your physical classes can ever reach out to!

Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic

Do you have any other ideas for what you can do when you are under lockdown or when you have nothing much to do at home and want to start up a new business.

The fact that Covid-19 is likely here to stay, you should get ready for a new normal.

It might take awhile more for things to be restored to normal but humans as a race will require a lot hard work together to pull through.

K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore leading accounting firm.

Speak to us if you require accounting services or corporate secretarial services.

Thank you for reading this article on “Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021”.


Business ideas to start during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/2021

How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business

How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business – Marketing in the modern way is not working very well anymore.

We are in the age where Facebook, Instagram and Google gets more traffic then the TV Channels of our childhood.

There are very few people consuming entertainment from TV Channels or Radio anymore.

When you want to listen to music, you go to YouTube or Spotify.

When you want to consume some shows and entertainment, you go to YouTube or Netflix.

The whole marketing scape has changed so much that Digital Marketing is currently the best way for you to now reach out to your customer base.

Digital Marketing has a few scopes, the most common platforms that advertisers will go to are Facebook/Instagram or Google.

Let us now explore “How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business”:

How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business

1. Facebook & Instagram Marketing


Two of the most commonly used social networks in the world.

This two platforms are great when you want to connect with your friends and also people around you.

You want to find out how they are doing when they post about their day on this two platforms.

This two platforms are the best platforms for your Business to Consumer or B2C businesses.

This businesses are able to sell them the products or services that will best benefit the consumers who will want to use them.

We work closely with our friends from Singapore Digital Marketing Services, Elite Media to assist clients that need Facebook & Instagram Marketing.

Also termed as Social Media Marketing.


2. Google Ads & SEO


Google ads are what appears at the top and bottom of all searches. Paid Searches basically get you there by charging an amount to bid for the space on the rankings.

Getting the paid ads done right is also a challenge because you must know how to do proper targeting.

Google SEO is also one digital marketing outlet that is special because it takes a lot of skill to get your ranking up.

The algorithms are not that easy to grasp right now and it changes all the time.

A good SEO will be able to understand and extend your marketing outreach.

Getting a good Singapore SEO Services firm will make business way easier for you.


K Cloud Accounting is a Singapore based accounting services firm that provides high quality bookkeeping services for our clients.

We work closely with our friends from Originally US to provide high quality Mobile Application Development in Singapore.

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Thank you for reading our article on “How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business”.


How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business

28 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

28 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

28 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore  – Singapore is a very interesting country, also a great place to be an Entrepreneur.

Many years ago, when it was trying to declare it’s own independence, many countries did not expect it to survive more than a few years.

But fast forward 56 years, we have a thriving and respectable economy and nation.

As the years passed, many businesses set up show in Singapore and also many different trades thrived in this small economy.

Many Entrepreneurs have set up bases in Singapore and also young Singaporeans have learnt many skills to start businesses on their own.

Taking advantage of the funding and also the presence of highly skilled individuals, Singapore has lead many fields in the past couple of years and looks to grow to become a startup and business location for many years to come.

If you are on your path to wanting to start a business in Singapore, here are some business ideas or concepts that you can explore a little.

Let us start our article on Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

What has gotten Singapore to this position are dependent on a few key points:

  • Clear policies set for by the government
  • Hardworking and daring populace
  • Funds flowing in from around the world
  • Strong Financial Hub
  • Position as a trade hub and also Financial HQ for South East Asia

This points and not limited to them are a strong reason why many businesses are still using Singapore as their Regional or Asian Headquarters and for some their Global Headquarters.

Just to name a few:

This really shows that Singapore is a great place to run your businesses and also to set up your company.

Either as a new startup business or as a regional HQ for your growing business.

So let us start now by sharing with you what are some of the business ideas that we believe you can start in Singapore.

We shall start our article on “Business Ideas to Start in Singapore”.

1. Crypto Currency

Hot Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash


Cryptocurrency is something really new to the finance industry and also to Singapore.

Singapore, being one of the leading financial hub is still observing them and trying to figure if we should write them into law.

There are many popular cryptocurrencies in the market and the most popular one is definitely Bitcoin.

Bitcoin makes up the biggest chunk of the crypto market and there are many new currencies also founded and started in recent years.

The cool thing is, Singapore is the top location for businesses to launch their crypto currencies in the world.

For a period of time in the late 2010s, Singapore became the top location for ICO launches.

We still believe Singapore is one of the top places for you to launch your Crypto Currency.

We also believe Singapore will remain and thrive as one of the best financial hubs in the world.

Definitely one of the top Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

2. Crypto Currency Exchanges

Best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash


When there are many ICOs, there are many exchanges.

The fact is Singapore will also be a great place to start an exchange because of the friendly laws here.

Singapore enjoys being the leader in financial industries.

There are many reasons to be at the forefront of new things because we can take this advantage to take a lead.

An exchange will also means that some people who want to have their crypto changed into fiat to be stored somewhere can do so in Singapore.

Singapore has a strong banking industry to support this.

Singapore has been coming up with new laws to govern crypto currencies and we look forward to see how this will allow the industry to thrive in Singapore.

Take advantage of Singapore’s location to make it one of the best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

3. Micro Loans / Business Loans

Top Business Ideas to Start in Singapore


There are many businesses and there are definitely financing needs.

Not everyone is keen on getting new investors in exchange of shares.

The fact is if they can get some small loan to keep going they will make it.

Business Micro loan startups are extremely popular now because they fill a gap where the banks don’t.

Banks do not want to lend to startups that are not proven to make money or they are too young.

Banks like to have the best businesses that come to them to take loans and this leaves many small startups starving for funds.

For businesses that do need help with planning and acquiring loans and do not know or want to go through the hassle, they could go through Singapore Loan Brokers to get that done as well.

4. Food & Beverages

Popular Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

Singaporeans love to eat.

Many say Singapore is a foodies heaven and i will believe so.

Many Singaporeans or Foreigners are willing to pay top dollar for good food.

There are also many places in Singapore to get yourself some booze.

Food and Beverages such as alcohol are a great way for you to make a good buck if you have a good theme to it!

Find out some of the weirdest ideas and test it out on an audience!

One of the best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

5. Self Driving Vehicles


For the new technology of self driving cars, Singapore is definitely a good place to do localised testing.

Singapore also has a very strong sector for such developments.

With many engineering graduates to tap from the local universities, Singapore is a preferred choice for many.

If you are into building the next generation of technology, you can consider going into this side of tech in Singapore.

Definitely a fast growing industry in the years to come and something that can make you good move in the long term.


6. Digital Marketing

Great Business Ideas to Start in Singapore

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

There are many businesses based in Singapore.

The fact that we are a finance industry leader and also a low tax regime, we attract many businesses.

For most businesses, there is still an intense need for marketing.

Marketing is also out of the traditional and into the Digital.

If you are someone who is able to do very good SEO, SEM or Facebook/Instagram Marketing, you will definitely have an edge.

Digital Marketing is still the way to go for many businesses going forward.

But what we do suggest is to have a automation or system to help businesses improve their digital marketing and also for them to do it themselves.

Because even though good digital marketing is a good start up idea, you can still do something that helps the digital marketers!

Very Popular Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.


7. Funds Management for High Networth


Photo by Chronis Yan on Unsplash


There is no coincidence when this news just came on recently: Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s family office to open in Singapore

The fact that Singapore has one of the best tax regimes and also is a very politically stable place in this region of the world makes it a great spot for wealth.

Most of the rich in the region will place their cash right here in Singapore.

Either to keep them away from their own government or to ensure that deflation of their home currency will not affect their wealth.

Singapore also has one of the highest concentration of highly qualified financial personnel, attracted to Singapore for this very purpose.

Fund Management is up and coming and will continue to grow as Singapore becomes one of the biggest hubs for wealth in the world.

8. Education Technology (EdTech)

Photo by Robo Wunderkind on Unsplash


Singaporeans spend a ton of money on their children’s education.

Education technology is definitely a good new direction for anyone who wants to get into the game of education in Singapore.

With Covid-19 causing more difficulties for face to face classes, Edtech is the way to go right now.

If you are able to come up with a good Mobile Application for your business to run anywhere and any time, you will gain that extra edge over your competitors.

We are partners with Originally Us, Singapore’s best Mobile Application Developers, let us know if you need an introduction.

There are also businesses in education that are meant for the young especially in Phonics Singapore and Singapore Playgroups.

One of the top upcoming Business Ideas to Start in Singapore.

9. Live Streaming

Photo by Jesus Loves Austin on Unsplash


In the generation of Social Media Marketing, Live Streaming on YouTube and Facebook has become so popular.

The live streaming industry has created many great sales people online.

You can sell virtually anything if you are entertaining and fun.

Most end up selling products of basically E-Commerce items.

Live Streaming for sales has become a very popular means of making money especially during the lockdowns in Singapore and around the world.

10. New Age Food Sources

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


Why do i say new age, because there are so many ways that you can produce food now.

There are new technology that are coming up from 3D printing food sources such as meats and vegetables.

In Singapore there is a lot of funding going around to secure Singapore’s food sources.

So as a country, we are sure to be keen to work on ensuring that Singapore is able to get some form of food independence.

11. Cleaning Services

11. Great Business Ideas to Start in Singapore: Cleaning Services

Weird choice to have cleaning services listed right?

But cleaning is an industry in Singapore that has been very reliant on manpower and something that needs to be updated.

Most cleaning industry players use elderly staff or foreigners to do the work but there are still many methods for you to save up on manpower cost.

Innovations in cleaning and also more efficient cleaning methods can still help you to grow this industry.

Our friends at Cleaning Hero can help you in Singapore.

12. Regional Business Coordination

Best Business Ideas to Start in Singapore: Regional Business Coordination

Singapore is currently housed in the middle of the next engine of economic growth of the world.

South East Asia, home to Indonesia, the 4th largest population in the world is likely take off in this coming decades. Together with economies such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

Singapore is the core player for South East Asian economic growth and this is one of the best things that you can do in Singapore.

By being present in Singapore and having contacts in the region, you can help to do some production work or even some form of manufacturing work before they are shipped to the world from Singapore.

Coordinating for all forms of business and taking advantage of the regional growth is one of the best ideas you can think of!

13. Air Conditioning Servicing

Brilliant Business Ideas to Start in Singapore: Air Conditioning Servicing

Surprised to see this on the list?

This work needs some skill sets but not crazy amounts of it.

But guess what is crazy, there are SO MANY Air Conditioners working in Singapore at this very moment because of the high daily temperatures of Singapore.

With that many Air conditioners turned on, comes the need for servicing.

Servicing also has to occur every 3-6 months which is great recurring income for the business owners!

14. Mobile App Development

mobile app development

Almost every other thing is purchased or transacted over mobile right now.

The mobile phone has become ubiquitous and there are many applications that take advantage of.

This is one of the best things to work on and also to have for your business.

Businesses can grow with a good well developed mobile application.

There are many good mobile application developers like Originally Us, they are able to do IOS App Development and Android App Development.

Pick up the skills from online platforms or even YouTube to become a developer today!

15. Graphic Design

graphic design

Singapore is heavy on marketing.

With many businesses around Singapore and needing their work to be placed in front of eye balls, Graphic design has become very important.

To have good graphics means to have good attention and good attention means good marketing and more leads and more income.

Good graphic designers are not easy to come by and people are willing to pay top dollar for such good work.

16. Interior Design

interior design

There are many HDB apartments and condominiums in Singapore a small island that fits more than 5 million people.

The demand for interior designers is always high and the need for such services will only grow as the young and affluent spend more on design interior styles and looks.

If you are someone who can design well, this is a good option to start off on.

Get yourself trained in drawing interior design work and get someone to do the contracting work, you will be rolling in dough very soon!

17. Internet Cyber Security Consulting

cyber security

Singapore is heavy on IT infrastructure, with this comes the risk of getting cyber attacked.

Cyber attacks are more rampant and can cause serious damage to your business.

Running a business means you need to ensure good running operations and if you are high by cyber attacks, things can get nasty.

Cyber security is currently very hot and good business with much demands for the protection work for many businesses.

18. Grant Consulting

grant consultancy

Singapore government likes to incentivize businesses to take on new technology to improve productivity and the likes.

But grants can be quite difficult to get right. With most business owners not having the time or for some the level of education to get the proper documentations done, it can mean missed opportunities.

This gives rise to grant consultants that can help with drafting grant contracts and getting things done for the business owners.


19. Debt Collection

debt collection

Where there are many businesses, there are definitely those that do not pay up for their goods and services.

When you do not pay up, there is a need for debt collection.

Debt Collection has become a very popular field this couple of years with many business owners defaulting on payment.

This is something that can bring the debt collector good money but it is very hard work.

One needs to be careful when doing debt collection though, because the law does have anti harassment clauses and debt collectors need to be careful of their methods.

20. Pet Grooming

pet grooming

Singaporeans love their pets!

This is one thing that we see very common in Singapore.

With so many different beautiful breeds of dogs and cats in Singapore, the pet grooming business is bustling.

For someone who loves pets, you could also set up a home based or if not a neighbourhood based pet grooming business to help this owner keep their pets in tip top condition.

This will need some training and also a steady pair of hands. You wont want to hurt this cute little furry animals.

21. Bookkeeping Services

bookkeeping services

With many business, comes the need for accounting and bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping is something that is not too difficult to pick up but very time consuming.

For those with accounting background, one could pick it up quite fast and for most businesses in this field, this is done freelance before becoming a more solid business.

One needs to ensure that their work is done according to the laws of Singapore and also not to miss out any important components when doing the Singapore Bookkeeping Services work.

22. Valet Services

valet services


Love driving? Love driving nice cars?

Singapore is a capital of nice sports car with many investment bankers and successful Entrepreneurs around.

Valet services for driving home someone who is drunk is probably one of the fun things you can do.

Get your hands on a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and you will enjoy this job so much!

23. Courier Services


courier services

Last mile services are something that has picked up so much with the rise of E-Commerce.

If you are someone who is in the courier line, you will definitely see a bigger boom going forward, as more and more people only shop online right now.

Retail is slowly becoming something of the past and if you are doing E-Commerce, you will need someone to courier your products to the customer.

Courier Services in Singapore definitely still has space for growth.

24. Translation Services

translation services

Translation services is something that is popular in Singapore.

The reason they are popular is also because there are many people who come to Singapore to take advantage of the laws here and will need translation of official documents.

For the Japanese or Korean businessmen to go around meeting clients, the translator will also be a very useful person to make sure everything was discussed properly.

Translation services will definitely be a boom sector going forward with more activity coming to South East Asia and Singapore.

25. Video Editing

video editing

With every marketing video put out, comes the need of someone who is good at doing up video editing.

Editing video is not something that is easy. You may have shot something good but if you do not edit it well, you will have wasted your efforts.

Video Editing is something that takes time and also talent and there are very few with such good talents.

If you are good at it you should set up shop and do video editing for businesses that wish to market their products or services.

26. Electronics Repair

Electronic Repair

Singapore is the land of electronics.

Most people here own a smart phone and also laptops.

When they drop it or something goes wrong from usage, they will need to seek your services out for electronics repair, you could do this at home even.

A good idea for someone who loves handy work and has time to spare to troubleshoot the problems for your customer.

27. Tuition Classes

PSLE Primary Tuition Singapore

Singapore is one of the top educational hubs.

With the strong emphasis on education, you will expect parents to be spending good amount of time and money on the educational needs of their children.

Education is big business in Singapore and together with it the tuition industry.

Some of the most popular items that you can focus on is:

  1. Primary Chinese Tuition Singapore
  2. Primary English Tuition Singapore
  3. Primary Math Tuition Singapore
  4. Primary Science Tuition Singapore

28. Bus Transport Services

Bus Transport Services

Covid-19 was really bad for the transport industry in general.

Definitely so for those in the Bus Chartering Singapore sector.

There are lesser usage of Tour Coaches and this has translated to a much smaller industry with smaller players exiting the sector.

Why do we think its a good business to start?

With the return of visitors and tourist in the coming years, we expect this industry to boom with the vengeance of people starting to travel again.

Bus Rental Singapore will be at the forefront and boom time will come!


Singapore is one of the top locations in the world to start up businesses that are innovative and also with financial inclinations.

We at K Cloud Accounting work closely with our customers to deliver high quality accounting and corporate secretarial services.

If you require assistance in other help such as Singapore Corporate Gifts or Business Loan Brokering.

Speak to us now so that we can assist you with any help you need for your business.

28 Business Ideas to Start in Singapore