Growing your business with cash flow from loans

Growing your business with cash flow from loans – One of the most important component to running a business is the magic of Cash.

Cash is king and when it comes to having them for business is how you can survive and build up your business positions.

Cash allows you to do your marketing and also your hiring which will in turn generate more sales and profits and more cash.

For some businesses, the hardest parts of running a business is when you don’t have enough cash to run your business and to build up fast.

This is also one of the biggest issues when trying to build a big business in the first place.

Cash is needed when you want to make expansion plans and require some upfront payments.

So how do you get more cash when you need it to grow and need it to speed things up.

What Loan Brokers in Singapore like Avant Consulting does is to actually help small businesses in Singapore get more prepared for their loan application journey.

There are many components when it comes to how loans are assessed:

  1. Your personal credit
  2. How well your company is doing financially
  3. The bank may not want to loan certain sectors at certain times
  4. Your companies debt servicing

There are so many components and for someone who is new to this they may make many mistakes or they are not well prepared for it.

This makes the journey for loan to get cash a lot harder.

If you are a business person and need funds you should speak to someone who is familiar with Singapore SME Loan Brokering to assist you with that and also to give advise for your long term business success.

We partner with Avant Consulting to assist our customer with access to funding from the banks and also financial institutions.

Getting loans at the most competitive rates and also the best terms can be very easy.

Growing your business with cash flow from loans

Benefits of Getting More Singapore Commodity Trade Financing

Benefits of Getting More Singapore Commodity Trade Financing

Benefits of Getting More Singapore Commodity Trade Financing – The Singapore market is one made up of many traders. The small nation started out as a trading post in the southern tip of asia and as time went on developed into one of the most prosperous ports in the world.

The trade that goes past Singapore through the Meleka Straits constitutes 25% of the world’s trade volume and makes Singapore one of the most important stopping points in the world.

This has helped it to also become one of the main countries for finance.

Singapore has taken advantage of this and become one of the leading financial capitals of the world. The Singaporean Dollar has also become a strong currency that helps it to command lots of goods and services with its powerful exchange strength.

Contributing to the huge trading volume of Singapore is commodity trading.

Commodities such as food stuff, like rice, cocoa, salt and sugar are some of the more common things that everyone needs and has to be brought from east to west and some from the west to east.

Singapore is also one of the major ports for Oil Trading. Having some of the most important Crude Oil processing plants located in Singapore.

Trading is a very low margin game, and to be able to make more money from the low margin, one needs to either trade more or have more funds to carry out those trades.

This is where the banks and the financial institutions step in to provide that extra funding and that extra boost that Commodity Trading houses will needs.

So let us start to explore, what are some of the “Benefits of Getting More Singapore Commodity Trade Financing”.


1. Allows you to preform more trades to improve revenue

The fact of getting more trade line is the fact that you will be able to use it for multiple trades. When you want to trade more, you can use it to enter more trades across the year. This means a bigger multiplier than the actual line amount might translate to a lot more revenue.

A lot more revenue means you get more profits for yourself and also your traders.

This will mean that you can expand your business and offerings.


2. Getting some trade lines gives other banks more confidence in your business 

Getting access to some trade lines from the banks will also mean that this few banks have confidence in you.

Getting yourself ahead in this manner means that you can eventually build up more and gain more banks as they get more confident in you.

This means even more revenue and profits as time goes by!


3. Rates get betters with better usage and better returns of your business

For a starter, you will likely get higher interest rates, but as you build up your strength in the market, you will get better rates.

With better rates means better trading returns

This is the best thing that can happen for a business.


K Cloud Accounting is one of the leading accounting services providers in Singapore. We have a full suite of corporate services that allows us to assist startups and SMEs to build up their businesses and give them the support they need to grow their business.

We work closely with financing consultants like Avant Consulting to provide Commodity Structured Trade Financing in Singapore.

If you need help with this, speak to us so that we can link you up with our trusted consultants in this field.

Thank you for reading our article on “Benefits of Getting More Singapore Commodity Trade Financing”.

Benefits of Getting More Singapore Commodity Trade Financing

How does the economy affect Singapore Mortgage Loan Rates?

How does the economy affect Singapore Mortgage Loan Rates?

How does the economy affect Singapore Mortgage Loan Rates? – There are many reasons that will affect the rates of a mortgage loan. This is quite similar across the world and even more so for a financial hub and capital like Singapore. Singapore is a very open economy and relies a lot on trading and exports for the income of the nation.

The economy is affected strongly by the use of a few economic tools and the main one is the interest rates of the banks that is set forth by the central bank of the country, Monetary Authority of Singapore. When the economy is not doing very well, the central bank will usually lower interest rates to encourage borrowing. When businesses borrow, they will invest it into the economy and pay more salaries that will push up the economic activity, people who save will also be more interested in placing money elsewhere because of low interest rates.

Due to Covid-19, we have seen the USA through its Federal Reserves lower its interest rates. With this the Monetary Authority of Singapore followed suit and also started to lower its rates. With the economy is such bad shape at this current moment, there is a high demand for loans and to ensure businesses can survive this period of downturn, we expect to see the interest rates to get even lower or maintain at such low rates.

So how does this affect Singapore Mortgage Loan rates?

When there is a lower interest rate across the board for most of the economy, the interbank loan rates will also fall. Interbank loan rates are what the banks will charge each other for loaning money between them. This will allow the banks to give out loans when they are able to inject money through loaning into the system.

With this the loan rates will fall and with it the interest that a borrower will need to pay when they are trying to buy a new home or they are trying to refinance a Mortgage.

Singapore Mortgage Loan rates are currently at a very low rate hovering just slightly above 1% for most parts and with the fixed rates at about 1.5% they have never been this low for a long time.

Singapore economy is likely to slide and we will see a tougher period during this few months to a year.

If you are looking for a new home loan broker in Singapore, or Singapore Mortgage Refinancing you can talk to our partners at Avant Mortgage, they are experienced and able to give you a good idea for your property, what you can go for to help you to save money overall.

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We work closely to assist our customers and friends with the best services in Singapore and partner many high quality service providers to give our clients the best options they can have in Singapore. Find experienced and affordable accounting services in Singapore through us today.

Should SMEs in Singapore take up bank loans to assist in their business

Should SMEs in Singapore take up bank loans to assist in their business – There’s an old saying that business or people should avoid debt as much as possible. For the older generation, debt seems to be something comparable to gambling, something that is bad, something that should be avoided.

Should SMEs in Singapore take up bank loans to assist in their business

Loans & debt has been around for many years ever since the start of the financial system. And it has been a vital part of the explosive growth of many western countries that have been using debt to do more business and grow at extraordinary rates that has never been seen before.

SMEs in Singapore has been slowly warming up to the idea of taking bank loans to finance the purchase of assets and also for business expansion and with this the recent years we have seen a higher take up rate of loans in Singapore.

Singapore SME loans are not exactly the easiest to get but the government has been very supportive to startups in the past with Micro Loans and for the SMEs with the Working Capital Loans. For those company that need more than what the Working Capital Loan can offer, they could also get a higher interest rate Term loan from the banks themselves.

Loans are not only given out by Banks, loans can also be given by financial institutions that work closely with businesses to provide loans.

With the recent increase in difficulty in doing business due to the new Covid-19 Outbreak that has caused the tourism and retail sector to slow down, we believe the government will be providing higher quantum of loans and also easier criteria to help business get pass this tough business climate.

So if you are a SME owner, why should you take up bank loans to run your business you may ask.

Businesses that require a bank loan will definitely benefit from the additional cash flow you have from taking up a loan for expansion. Investment into assets or into marketing will come back with returns that will help you speed up your business growth a little. This is one thing that most people do not realize that the risk of taking a loan and repaying the loan will be outweigh by the growth you get from investment into items and services that will definitely help you to increase in revenue.

For those who are going through cash flow short fall, you will also be able to survive the tough winter periods in business and come back up stronger if you were to tap on loans that are available to you and your businesses.

You should never treat loans as something scary but something that can be of extra help to you especially if you are just starting off in this business.

  1. Working Capital LoansWorking Capital Loans are supported by the Singapore Government to reduce the risk of banks loaning out to SMEs by 50%, this allows the banks to have a must easier criteria on lending and encourages more cash flow circulation in the market through the loans given out to businesses to carry out more business.

    With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the government will be increasing its loan quantum for Working Capital Loans and also at the same time will be working closely with the few sectors that are suffering direct hit from this outbreak, such as retail and tourism and will have a more targeted bridging loan support for them.

  2. Business Term LoansBusiness Term Loans are given out by the banks through their own internal funds, not supported by the government. Banks will offer term loans at effective interest rates usually around 7-8% and this allows businesses to use it for expansion and cash flow purposes.
  3. Mortgage LoansIf you are renting, you should consider buying up your units with Mortgage Loans that will definitely allow you to build up networth through owning assets that you can use for long term purposes and also for investment usage.

    Get your Loans refinanced as well after the lock in period to ensure that your fees are at the lowest so as to enjoy the best rates every time.

  4. Equity FinancingDo you own a property and will like to receive a loan by using it as security. Equity loans are one of the best ways to get low interest loans for your business needs.

If you require some help from a loan broker in Singapore for your Singapore SME Working Capital Loans, we work closely with Avant Consulting Pte Ltd to assist in our customers getting the best rates and also fees. We also assist in making sure we have compared across the board to give you the best choice you have.

Mortgage and property loans and mortgage refinancing in Singapore is also one of the things this loan brokers do for you and your business.

K Cloud Accounting works closely to provide high quality services for our customers and also our friends. We will be glad to give you advice if you require help in any.

K Cloud Accounting is the leading Xero Accounting Services firm in Singapore assisting our clients in acquiring the best accounting advice and also accounting work for your needs for government reporting and also management decision making. We work monthly to ensure all work are up to date and ready to be used by management every month.


Should SMEs in Singapore take up bank loans to assist in their business